Style Swap

I've been thinking about doing this thing - Style Swap - for quite some time now, but never actually took action and did it.

What is it?
Style Swap is basically taking a random medoll and giving it a brand new makeover, thus giving the owner some ideas on how they can do their own medoll and also other viewers.

Though, please note that the Style Swap is not meant to offend anyone or give the impression that the person who has this style swap done on them has no sense of style and fashion.

The first person that I'm doing the Style Swap on is Cltreanor. I love her medoll and I'm sure that many of you out there do too. So, here's Claire's medoll before my Style Swap session.

Gorgeous much?!

Now, after a little bit of playing around with her makeup and jewellery, I styled her medoll to look like this:

So this is before and after:

What do you guys think? Love or hate Style Swap? Comment, we'd love to hear from you!