Prepare to be Dazzled!

Amazing Realistic Designs

Incredible, amazing, beautiful, inspiring...

These all fit in for the description of Milena's graphics.
Don't you think so too?!
The clothes she does are all inspired by real-life designer clothing.
Check out Monroe...'s blog by clicking here.

In Love With Her Graphics!


Tcholas93's graphics are far beyond amazing!
Check out some of her latest ones, they're all so fabulous that I didn't even know which to choose to post here! They're all amazing and unique!
Visit her blog by clicking here.

Some Great Sceneries!

I was going round finding great sceneries, and I found 3 amazing ones!
Here they are:

By robinbird00

By geheimer-enegel

By ofelia17

Creative Scenery!

I was doing my usual round of visiting blogs when I came across a scenery featured in Stardoll's Most Wanted and I thought that I just had to post it!

It's a scenery featuring alina81k's friends, but it's really creative and unusual!

Sarah the Robotic Alieness

First, the awesome and cool username: TheIronSarah.
THEN, the awesome robotic outfit and alien-ness.
And maybe even a little Lady Gaga in it!
Double the creativity! Check her out :)
iStylie ♥

Dreamy Medoll

dream.on's eyeshadow is simply beautiful.
The blue mixture really worked out for her!

Uber chic ^_^

MarquiseDeSade's outfit is perfect in everyway, I can't fault anything! Woah xD

Such a creative outfit!

Don't you just love gkmktk's outfit? I love everything about it, especially the trousers ^^

Best Presentation Ever!

I simply adore surender's presentation, it's colorful and sweet and I just love it!
P.S. It's longer than the picture provided, but I got tired copying and pasting. :D

There's No Gaps in This Style!

Lgap is really working it with this gorgeous outfit. Its amazing how stunning you can look when you play with patterns and colors. This outfit is so simple, but SO effective. Good work, Lgap!

Oh So Fierce!

When I first saw ImSoFierce's eyeshadow, I instantly fell in love. It's so unique and original. She definitely lives up to her name...FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE!

Check This Out If You Wanna Get Rid Of Scammers

Click here and sign the petition to get rid of one of the biggest scammers on Stardoll.
Please sign your name down, we need a lot of signatures to send it off to Stardoll!

Stunning Outdoors Room!

I'm lovin' bubblegirl94's outdoor room!

Rock The Olive Skin

Enjoy!The model is waffle.luver

BTW Tomorrow I am going to the UK for vacations so I'm not going to post anything until the 24th of August which is the day I'll come back...Whoop!

Simple Yet Wonderful Presentation!

Lovin' this simple but wonderful presentation! Plus, if I'm not mistaken, the 1st paragraph are lyrics from songs. [:

Well done sensesfail90!

Two In One!

Hello readers!How have you been?As I promised in my previous post,I will try to post once a day to keep you glued.So,I decided to do a two in one post giving tips on how to make the asian skin color work and a Quick Make Up Fix.I think I've summed everything up so . . . enjoy!

Click to enlarge.The model is Aquamarina.

I think that the pictures speak for themselves.The only thing that the readers may find difficult is applying eyeliner in my opinion so I'll give a few tips!

* Don't apply eye pencil on the whole eye as you will look beaten up
* Try to push in the direction of the eye's edges to get this big eye result
* Practise!As the saying says,Practise Makes Perfect!

Quick Fix : What if Stardoll's biggest 'style icon' could not apply make up?



My tip : Never apply too much blusher or you'll end up looking like a prostitute.
Oh,and for those who are wondering what the Quick Fix section is : I choose a doll whose make up is not well applied and I try to use the same products but apply them in a better way.



New In Town

Hello,Hello.First of all,I'd love to thank Yasmine for inviting me to the blog.I am a new addition to Stardoll Exposed and I'll mainly post about make up tips,latest makeovers and lots of more things that have to do with looking good.I will also continue Style Swap with my own twist.
I am going to do my best and try to post at least once every single day.I will also need models for the make up looks so if you'd like to be one please tell me your stardoll username in the comments.
For this first post I decided to introduce a very simple tip conerning lipstick to the readers and I hope you'll enjoy experimenting with your doll's looks as much as I do.

I used my doll and awesome Alice's (hunnigall on stardoll) dolls for the girly looks..

For this look I used Yasmin's (Yazzieblue on stardoll) dazzling doll.

I hope you enjoyed my first post.I know that the looks are not many,but I decided to use three of the blog writers for my introduction.When I get style swap requests I will also post tutorials & makeovers with other stardoll users.Also,I will feature the rest of the blog writers in my next blog post to make sure no one's left out.

Great News!

Remember the Style Swap section we once had on this blog, but I didn't go on with it?
Well, now I've found somebody who is actually good at it, Fayasi! [;
She will be joining us to post these Style Swaps her way, which is very amazing - I can tell you that!
She's given a lot of makeovers on Stardoll, including to me... that's why my doll looks so different, so incredible!
So, welcome to the blog Fay!


Mm, gorgeous! Well done Gkmktk!

Kiss The Rain - Yiruma (Preview Cover 2)

Guys, check out my newest video :)

Italiagurl303's Awesome Presentation!


Presentation rocks! To see the rest of her "work of art" then check out her suite! :)

Making Those Pants WORK!

Wow, Ixyoni is amazing.

Creative Names!

I fell in love with these 2 usernames.... san.dra.matic and AnnA-twilighter. I love how they mean 2 different things (i.e. sanDRA and DRAmatic and AnnA and A-twilighter). They're so original! Great job, girls!

I'm in love with your username!

Some of you may not know of the band Bauhaus, but they've got an amazing song called Bela
Lugosi Is Dead :P

Cute presentation!

How cute is supersophiexx's presentation? I love it ^_^

Abbey Dawn In Style!

Bluegreen86 looks amazing! I love her style! [:

Talk about colourful!

How colourful and cute is Pateliini's outfit? It's so awesome!

Fabulous Presentation!

Oh em gee, I'm in love with NoelleBelle1919's presentation! It's the bomb!

Kohl's & Abbey Dawn's: Featured!

From left to right
1st row: EMILYmileyrocks, Design_Louise, Kathi86, Worldstopmodel
2nd row: 44nicole44, Aquamarina, Bffsml, iina.l0ves.y0ux

My Favourites:
Design_Louise, Kathi86, Bffsml, iina.l0ves.y0ux

They're new and fresh looks from these collections.

Well Done To All & Thank You For Participating!