Prepare to be Dazzled!


Wow Look At This Room! Great Job AtuOmicKid! My Jaw Hung Open When I Saw This Room.

BRB :(

I'm off on a short break yet again.
I'll be back on Sunday night.
The other girls will post and keep you up to date.
I'll expect you to tell me what happened while I was gone xD
I'll miss you :(

More Dresses?

More Dresses? What Do you Think? Personally I LOVE The Sorta Yellow-Whitish Dress! I Gotta Have It.

Creative Outfits

Hey everyone.
I have come across many creative outfits and I just wanted to ask if you or someone else you know of is wearing an outfit made with clothes and furniture, gifts etc.
If so please post a comment.
The model above is cltreanor looking stunning in her creative outfit made from clothes and flowers. Gorgeous, huh?

Zoe looking gorgeous!

How gorgeous does the talented and lovely Zoe (paris101fan) look?
I absolutely adore her sense of style.
Well done Zoe!


Msdavies2005 has really gone to trouble this Halloween. Her whole suite is Halloween-themed. there's not one non-Halloween room.
It's incredible - you'll have to pay a visit.
Well done MsDavies! :)

Rhiann - you've been exposed!

Wow that's great.
She's dressed as Helena (from the MCR vid).
Well done Rhiann! It's great! I love it....:)

Be Astonished by BBanders!

This place is sweet! Purple wallpaper just spells G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! And the bath... ultra-sweet! Well done BBanders!


Well done to Fakeshake3! She made a fabulous room!
It's so stylish and sophisticated.
Don't you love?

New Club!

A new club was just opened, for the awards!
So we're moving... to a bigger and better club!
Join by clicking here and send your votes.

Superstar Once Again!

We're superstar again!
Thanks to the person who did this!
Btw, WHO did this?!

New Dress.

What do you think?

Wonderful, Simply Wonderful!

mmiiaa208's suite is wonderful! I fell in love with it! :P
Well done!


Hi. Sorry I Haven't Been Writing Or Posting Tonz. School & Volleyball Took Alot Of My Time. Well Now My Volleyball Season Is Over But Basketball Is Beginning But I Do Promise To Try My Hardest To Post More Often.

Exposed Awards - Nominations!

The categories are.....
Best Dressed:
Best Suite:
Best MeDoll:
Best Sceneries:
Best Username:
Best Designs:

Copy and paste the above categories and nominate a person who deserves the awards for that category.
The people with the most nominations and that we think deserve to win will be put into vote.
The people for each category with the most votes will win for that category!
So get nominating!
(By the way you can only nomiante once and not for yourself. Blog writers and website manager can nominate.)

Scenery that has to be Exposed!

We mostly know her for her wonderful suite but now.... her wonderful sceneries.
Check this out!
A Pink Ribbon scenery. I think it is simply amazing. Well done Connie :)

Exposed Awards - COMING SOON!

I was just sitting there. Quietly thinking when suddenly..... IT HIT ME!
We could do a SD-Exposed Awards Ceremony. Exposed Awards.
There will be different categories and you will vote for the nominees in the category. The one that gets the most votes wins for that category.
Any ideas?
Would you like this and join in?

PS - Our Superstar membership ran out :(

Tyrall the stylish gal!

She's gorgeous and oh-so-nice - it's Tyrall!
This outfit deserves a mention. 10 out of 10!

Sense Of Fashion Over Here!

Monroe... is wearing one of the most original dress I've ever seen!
See what you can do with 16 curtains and 2 dresses?!
Don't forget the cobwebs!
Well done!

Crazy For Designing!

My friend told me about this awsome user who perfected Bill Kaulitz on a T-Shirt!
And I shouldn't forget to mention... only $2 more than original price!
I'm in love with that shirt!
Check out crazy199's designs!

Dress To Success!

What xLou26 was wearing amazed me!
A mix of Halloween flowers and curtains and... voila!

Multi-Coloured Medoll!

Look at THxGEAK's medoll and stare in awe... it's gorgeous!
The mukti-coloured hair parts are a must-have for that hairstyle!


What a great suite!
Thumbs up from me!
I simply <3 it!


Wow Beautiful Doll. Amazing Clothes Too. Look At The Mannacins Amazing.

The gorgeous is being featured yet again!
^ Look!
Her horse hair creation is the best one I've seen! Wow! x infinity!
Don't you just love?


This is a really stylish and sophisticated look!
It's gorge! Loving the way it's layered!

Jacuzzi Alert!

I've seen many jacuzzi's around Stardoll but this is the best so far!
Wow! Love it!
Well done cutie-cakey!

Giddey-Up Horsey!

Yup! MissPaprika featured again! And this time not for her designs but for her hair!
She has made FABULOUS horse hair! Don't you just love?
Click here to visit her and also see her fab designs!


Haven't seen many Halloween rooms around so when I saw it I HAD to post!
Really great room grammieD!
Keep up the good work!
Love it!


Fmuthgrl, you've made me become speechless!
Just look at this room!


I'm not going to say wow I'm going to say WOW!
This outfit is simply amazing! Well done To_Royal!
It's so cute yet creative! :O
Can't wait to see what other outfits she has in store for us!

Great Garden, No Doubt!

sweetlooc123 has a great place!
I looked at her place today and said ''I have to remember to feature her'' but I totally forgot, but luckily she commented on my guestbook to check out her place and I remembered it from before! You're lucky, girl!

Magnificient doll!

Check out romy777, you WON'T be dissapointed!


How gorgeous is
And the outfit too.
A 10/10 for gorgeousness!

Very Awesome!

Another fab username - VeryCherry.
It's tutti and fruity!
Loving it!


I am amazed. I love this wonderful room of Rat-Patrol.
And check the outfit!
This girl is great!

Creative and Cool....

Loving it! It's creative and cool!
Very stylish girl!
A job well done, gothiqa.

Yet again fake accounts....

As I am browsing through Stardoll to find a talented user I come across many fake and weird accounts.
Here's just an example.
• The above user just has a random username: ssssjjjjjjjjhhh.
• The user hasn't been on for a month.
• No presentation.
• No clothes or furniture just dull grey walls in the users suite.

How fake can an account get? Maybe Stardoll should clear space and get fake accounts deleted.
I'm fed up of fake accounts!
Love to you!

Gothically Great!

I thought I'd pick out a nice gothic outfit for you all to see. I love it but then..... I saw the price!
32 STARDOLLARS! Sheesh - if only money grew on trees!


Here is a survey for you!
Fill up the comments with your replies!

1) How did you find out about this blog?
2) Rate the blog out of 10.
3) Why do you like the blog?
4) Have you been featured on the blog?
5) How long ago did you find this blog?
6) Any last comments?



27 followers! Jeez!
Click the follow button - the more the merrier!

Fantastic Doll!

Great Fashion sense + medoll?
Look no further!
Check out this amazing girl:

Check out the eyes!
Kybel has an awsome taste!

Paulina's Biggest Fan

Wow! I think I found Paulina's biggest fan - oipy.
She has a Paulina themed room which is soooooo cool.
When I saw it I thought: Paulina would love this.
Then I clicked on oipy's guestbook and found that she had been chatting to Paulina there.
What a lucky girl!
Well done on the room oipy hun!

100 Posts!

Party, party, part-ay!
Thank you gorgeous 25 followers for choosing to follow our blog!
Love you all!


We love you guys!
This blog started last month and look where we are!
Much love to you!

Lovely Dolly! :]

Wow! drami_ca has a lovely doll. I love the way she used the horse hair and the outfit is very cute!
Well done hun!

Make A Mary-Kate!

x.BLackCherry.x made it possible to make her own Marky-Kate Olsen! Look ^. Cool, huh?

"Moo Moo"

We haven't had this one before. A great username! I'll be on the lookout for more of these soon!
Cows_Go_Moo - classic isn't it! I totally love it! Why didn't I pick that? xD

Sweet 'N Stylish!

Great place! Well done kelmif! Awsome!

Wow Wee...!

lauradu81 has a fantastic medoll. In fact one of the best I have seen.
I have seen some other medolls like this but this is the best by far!
It's so creative and she really stands out from the crowd!
Well done lauradu81!

Gorgeous Bathroom!

Can you have a house without a bathroom?
Certainly not!
So verjuwl made a bathroom (along with a few other users) to suite her daily needs.
Tell me what you think:

I think it looks absolutely stunning!

Newer Club!

In THIS club, you can actually suggest who gets featured!
So hop along to Help-SD-Exposed and suggest anyone! (Inc. yourself!)


Look At This Room It's Great. I Love Her Sense Of Style in The Room. Congratz Twirler12.

Great HorseTails!

Here are some people who have awsome ponytails (and wearing cute clothes too!)
If you think you should be featured, leave a comment with your SD name.


Kacysgirl has a very CUTE house! I love the way she decorated some of her rooms.
Be sure to check it out - it's lovely.

Gorgeous Designs.

Amazing Designs! My Jaw Dropped When I Saw Them. BanaRama Has Wonderful Talent. I Love Her Dresses And The Tights Are Amazing. I Absolutly Love Her Wonderful Work. People Love Her Designs I was Reading Her GB And She Has Many Comments Saying They Love Her Designs.

Wonderful Person.

Ok I Think Help-A-Doll Needs To Be Mentioned. She Helps People Who Have Lost Thier Hotbuys,DKNY,And Rares And When She Finds Them Sellss Them Back To The Person Who Lost Them. She Is A Very Good Person She Is Also Using Her Own Money So Congratz And Good Work Help-A-Doll.

Dazzling Suite!

VampLady has an amazing room... same as always! :D
I love her work and a lot off effort has been put to it, it shows!
I specially like the window and the kitchen!