Prepare to be Dazzled!

Kohl's & Abbey Dawn's Collection: Get Featured!

Don't just wear your Kohl's/Abbey Dawn collection... get featured for weating them! You can also get featured for wearing Mudd items.
So, write your username in the comment section or even your friend's, if they're wearing it!

Be featured for wearing the new collections!

Rat-Patrol`s awsome suite!

Heya! Its Talia-87 here;)) I know long time not posted...sorry!
I visited Rat-Patrol and looked around her suite and I just love it!!
I want to show you the best rooms but of course you should visit her;))

(click to entlarge!)
Great Job!! Very creative and detailed!!
Your Talia-87;))

Woah! Perfect Graphics Alert! ♥

Check out Stardoll Prefect's amazing blog for their even more amazing graphics!
I am amazed at how people could make so many perfect, realistic creations.
I'm lovin' these girls!

Love The Hair!

Midnightmonkey6 has amazing hair!

2 Gorgeous Dresses!

I love cltreanor's dress! Plus, even the dress behind her is gorgeous!

Amazing Dress!

To_Royal's dress is truly amazing. Who thought you could make a dress out of so many things...
including a bird xD

I'm Jealous Of Her Presentation!

This is one of those unique, not seen regularly presentations... I love it all!
I wish I could do something that amazing!
But my computer doesn't let me paste special fonts on the presentation... /:
Anyways, well done baybeegurrl!

Love The Presentation!

Well done, loveangelxx!

Bye for Now!

I need to make point, and accomplish something in my REAL life. So, I'm leaving Stardoll for the rest of the summer... I won't be posting or logging on until September 1st. I'll see yah them!

Farewell......for now!


My favorite SD name yet :)

Who Wore It Better? Bisou Strapless Evening Dress

Ashy_loves_you vrs magdalenka_21...

Who wore it better?

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Lovely Dress!

You've got my props, sahar-star! Well done!

It's an Alien!

Alice's [Hunnigall] medoll has got eyes on her forehead! How imaginative? I love it ^_^

Look Who's Working the Shoulder Pads!

It's another winner from UndamyUmbrellla!

Simple & Sweet- That's The Trick!

Check out Aoife97's presentation. simple right? That's the magic of it! It is true and sweet and small sometimes is all you need, really! Plus i ♥ the way she spelled her name like it. Good job!

Ash T Inspired Presentation [&] Hot Look!

I love Woman-In-White's presentation: The header is quoted from Ashley Tisdale's 'Erase & Rewind' and the body is quotes from Ash T's 'Acting Out' song. The layout is pretty amazing too!

Also, look at what she's wearing! Amazing much?!

Well done!

I really like lovinitlovinit's creative outfit! I especially like how she layered the tights, and used the horse tails as a boa. The new hairstyle goes well too. Well done!

True Jackson,VP Contest Entry--WOW!

I know the contest was ove now, but I came across Hunnigall's page and jaw-dropped at her scenery. I know, no poses or anythng extraordinary, but If you watch the True Jackson,VP show this scenery looks JUST like her room/suite on the show. Zoom ofr more details. Cute! ♥

Who Wore it Better?

[bluegree86] [mysecketlover]

Both are stunning uses of the new Elle Collection, but who wore it better?

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Lovin' The Presentation!

Ah-dorable. ^^

Well done Fierce.Model.!

Nice Job, Jenna!

Wow! I'm stunned by Jenna/Emorox4eva's awesome Elle outfit. Who knew a pair of shorts could look like an amazing top! She's really working it. Nice job, Jenna!


Check out page 5 of this girls album! Simply stunning. :)
The genius behind this amazing design is cata.marquesa.
Well done!

Perfect Medoll Makeup!

I fell in love with CiaraLeanne's medoll.

The blusher is perfectly applied. The eyeshadow is too good for words.
I'd write more but I can't explain by words. A picture is certainly needed to explain the perfection.

Welcome to France!

When I visited EugenieS's suite, the outfit and suite reminded me of France. The eiffel tower in the backround, the ''cigar'' that reminds me of France... Well done!

The Young & Talented ♥

Is There Anything I Need To Say?
Check. This. Chick. Out. (4words)

Working it Wild, The Non-SS way!

Yay! Another non-supergirl who is working her style crazy! Who cares if once maybe she was a superstar? I'm talking about now. I never knew how to work that free white skirt? I thought it'd never come to use. But now from her, I have bunches of ideas! Now this is really chic & talented girl. Check her out. Go cam_94!!!


funky | fun | fab

Such a cute room! Pillowy goodness! Very cute...I love it.
This is soooo creative ♥



Not only is her username amazing, check out her handiwork on her dress!
This is DIY at it's best

Truth Be Told...

If you've been visiting this blog regularly, you must know that the blog has been having some dramatic changed in its layout.
But the truth it that I wanted a new layout but after I tried on 3 layouts or so and none of them appealed to me as much as the one we currently have again, I gave up and decided to keep the current one.
Only, the problem was that I had lost that layout and couldn't find it again, so I had to do another layout. And that's why this blog had that 'horrid' layout yesterday.
But after a long search today, I remembered what the layout's name is so I found it. And I'm sure this layout is here to stay.
Forgive me, guys!

Welcome To A Twilight World

You must have read about Bella_La_Swan's amazing re-creation of all the scenes in Twilight from at least this blog... Now I've just come across 2 more members with the same idea in their head! I don't know if the accounts are all owned by the same user, but the work done is AMAZING. The 1st one is EdwardEdward's re-creation of Carisle's study, of couse he has more rooms but this one really caught my eye.

Then I found ImAliceCullen and her Volturri castle is too amazing for words... see it for yourself:

Sweet Album! (Go Mimi.v!)

I love the beach in this picture!

Now who doesn't think this is absolutely cute? A fmaily portrait! Great idea! Check out her other pages!

Not only was this a request the legendary Mimi.v, but it was so cute! I love hoe she made her album like pictures & scenes. This one is of a beach.
Great job!!! Comment :)

- Under Construction -

I am changing the theme to this blog, because I'm bored with the same one. [;
The posts will still remain here, and I'll leave the blog open, but you may see some wierd layouts when you visit.


I was just suite-hopping today, when I came across spaznose's outfit.
Her outfit is so pretty :] Check here out here!

I'm Lovin' The Way You Dress!

Oooh, iiNA.L0VES.Y0Ux certainly has a way with her clothes.
I can't believe she made that coat look good!
As well as the top underneath...
Well done, girl!

Click here to check out her place.

Talk About Talent! (Art Gallery)

I must tell you- you have got to check out Duze_stopy! Okay, so I was skimming around Melody1970 (another great designer)'s suite, I noticed Duze_stopy's page. WOW. It's awesome! Look at that gallery. From revised version of Monne? and Mona Lisa, some even crazy good enough to be made into real life! Oh how i despise this gal's talent. Don't you also love the abstract peices? You can zoom this pic, to see the full creativity. Comment! XOXO,
iStylie ♥