Prepare to be Dazzled!


Something Wrong With This Picture? I Sure Think So This Doll Was Rated Hot In The CatWalk.


Isn't *Lejla*'s Medoll Beautiful? I Think So! She Also Has A Great Sense Of Style! Beautiful! Wonderful Medoll.

Christmas EXPOSED!

lifluffychicken has made a really pretty Christmas room, don't you think?
We're looking for more Christmas rooms so drop in a comment or contact us on Stardoll (SD-Exposed)

And... don't forget to vote in our outfit poll below!

Outfit Vote

The gorgeous Tyrall, Gudmunda92 and sweet_3094 have created simply adorable and lovely outfits.
Now it's time for YOU to decide which one you like best.
The winner will receive one gift.

Totally Trashy :P

loveSaturday the awesome designer created this in her main room.
Fab, eh?
And what a cool idea....those penguins get on your nerves.....xD

Fayasi's Great Layering Skills!

I am trying a new method (video-ing)

Hope you like!

Perfectly Pink

linda-puus created a perfect room out of pink and black. I love it.

Alex Evans T-Shirt!

I know we've featured crazy199 for her designs before, but this Alex Evans top is ah-mazing!



*EDIT by Yasas10*


Sladsurka_ has an awesome Christmas room! She's got a gingerbread house too! Well done!


Her doll looks lovely!
She's made a fringe, gorgeous, eh?

Fantasy Doll!

Fia_Fantasy has an amazing doll: Simple yet still elegant!

And the way she matched the DKNY with simple clothing is great!

Wonderful doll, Fia!

Finally The Green Dress!

stuff Omg! Ok Well I Went To This Club Free.Stuff. I Looked At A Topic And It Gives U Instructions On How To Get The Dress Or Dresses So Check It Out And Get Them ALL If You Happen To Get The Email Click On All 4 Dresses And Get Them All!!!!!

Best Room EVER!

This seriously is one of the best rooms I've ever seen on Stardoll.
It gets me in a fabulous Winter feeling.
And look at the ski lift! Ah-mazing MsDavies!
Doesn't she have GREAT ideas? :)

Chevy93 and her Christmas Tree

Chevy93 you have outdone yourself!
A round of an applause everybody!
Well Done :)
I can't wait for Christmas things in the MiniShop. I'll have my lovely tree surrounded by presents :P

Vacation Time.

Hey Guys xOmgx Here! Well It's Thanksgiving Time! Well I Better Make This Short My Mother Is Chewing Me Out To Get My Stuff Ready Because We Are Going Out Of State To Go See Family That Just Recently Not Long Ago Moved. So Yea It's 4:24 A.M. Where I Am So See Ya Guys I'll Try Hard To Get Some Time And Look For More Amazing Suites.

For Now xOmgx


Look At This Amazing Room. Didn't Love2Partay Do A Good Job? I Sure Think So!

MY-SHOP made a great room out of the new Tokyo items.
And those cubes look so cool.


One word: STY-LISH!

And the winners are....

The official winners of the Exposed Awards are:

Best Dressed: Tyrall
Best Suite: Msdavies2005
Best Medoll: Heidi-di
Best Sceneries: Decowood
Best Username: Cows_Go_Moo
Best Designer: Miss_Paprika


Exposed Stars

If you've been featured on our blog lots of times you are an Exposed Star!

The latest Exposed Stars are:

Well done!


Do you remember about a month ago I was in search of cool usernames?
Well I've found one!

Creative outfits!

The prettiful cltreanor made a great and creative outfit.
Have you or someone you know made a creative outfit out of furniture and clothes? Post a comment now!

Say: Whoa, Whoa!

... And I was like, ''Whoa, Whoa!'' when I saw this place.
Well done Looc123!

'I ♥ that T-Shirt'

Scarlett1456 has an awesome t-shirt!
Great, huh?
And she has the same name as me - Scarlett!

Beautiful Medoll..

Look At This Bea-U-Ti-Ful Medoll! Amazing! Great Job Koolcat909128!

Green Dress?

Do you guys notice the green dress? Well I was dressing up dolls and i discovered this doll and found this dress. amazing! but if anyone has any information on how to get it please let us know!

Simply Unique.

I love the way Barbiee1212 did this room. I love it.

Mystery Or Just Plain Random?

Anybody Notice The Hair On The Doll? I Thought i Would Just Like For You To Know Where The Hair Came From.

Get the 'Idoru' look!

Gonna create an outfit out of the new idoru clothes? Then you'll need the right look.

You're gonna need colourful eyes! Pick a bright eyeliner and eyeshadow and apply.
Then get the coloured lips. Pick 3 (or 4) bright colours and apply of course!
And to top it all off, go mad with the bright hair highlights!

But then of course, you need the right look. I put two together below.

Do you like?
Should I do more of these with the newest clothes?

Apply SD Makeup Like A Pro!

So, I'm going to tell you 4 simple steps on how to get your SD makeup like a pro.
I chose a pair of horrible eyes, true, but they look glamorous with makeup!

1. Apply black mascara and black volume mascara.
2. Apply green eyeliner. It's amazing how much difference the eyeliner makes to the look!
3. Choose any colour of thick eyeshadow that you want. Apply it as seen above.
4. Apply 2 eyeshadows (white is always great to mix with)and you're DONE!

Going Crazy Over These Designs!

I'm going crazy over crazy199's designs.
Don't you just love when you find a wonderful designer?!
Keep up the fab work crazy199!

How To Look Cute: The Dora Way

We all know Dora (hrvatica_97) for her stunning outfits, lovely suite and because she's so nice.
And now here's how to look cute the Dora way:

Stunning, I know.

The Stardoll Style File

I just discovered a new blog. The Stardoll Style File and boy, I love it!
Be sure to check it out and add it to your favourites/blogroll.
You're bound to love it!
I do.

Star_Awards deserves an award

Star_Awards deserves a Star Award for that outfit.
She made a unique black and white look.
Great job!

Lovin' It!

Inspiring, creative and using a DKNY top as a skirt?
lovinitlovinit did this all!
I am certainly loving this look!


Great username, great fashion sense, great suite.
What more could we want from a girl?
Check out her stunning outfit! Gorg-e-ous!

Last Few Days!

The Exposed Awards are closing soon, so put in your nominations in our club or in the topic (check the side of the blog.)

Remember, the nominees are:

Best Dressed:

Tyrall, Baileygirl11212, ...singstar...

Best Suite:

MsDavies2005, ...Halloween..., Welsh_Witch

Best Medoll:

Couturerox994, Heidi-di, Arna-Rut

Best Sceneries:

MsDavies2005, Vballgirlie2695, Decowood

Best Usernames:

Cows_Go_Moo, SingingMermaid, Puccapo

Best Designs:

Miss_Paprika, MadMacMom, SingingMermaid

Boredom 2 Fashion.

Ok So I Got Bored And Decided To Go To The Starplaza And Look For Cute Outfits. Well This Is One Outfit That I Made From Non-Superstar Clothing What Do You Think Of It? Please Comment. (The Bangles Can Be Found In The RIO Store)

Wow! Jaw Dropping Room!

Ok Hi Guys! x0mgx Is Back And Posting! Look At This Amazing Room! I Literally Was Astonished By The Way She Did The Room! Great Job I-Love-Green

Best Dressed? You Bet!

This look's a winner!
7 dresses, 3 tops, 2 corsets and 5 skirts make up: 1 fantastic look! (Of course there were shoes, tights etc too)
I was impressed when I first saw this dress... what an amazing work of a dress!

Making The New ''Glossed Lips'' Work!

Don't you just LOVE Thaiselle's medoll?
She really combined those lips with her eyeliner etc - something that some users didn't manage to do!

Soothing Colours and Amazing Decoration!

Ariannacarle's room is gorgeous...
The colours all blend together!
That big picture over the chimney makes the whole room come together...

Super Creative Dress!

Minishop dresses are so hot right now!
Check out rock-princess30's look: 2 skirta, 1 dress, 1 top, shoes, tights and 2 pillows and 2 lamps!
Talk about creative!

Hi Guys! x0mgx Here!

Ok Guys I Would Just Like To Let You Know That I Will Not Be Posting For Awhile Because My PrintKey-Pro Expired And I'm Looking For Something Else To Use. If You Have Any Suggestions Please Feel Free To Leave A Comment. Thank You!

Back I am!

Sorry about the weird(ish) title.
But it's true. I am back and ready to post!


Ok People I Learned Of This New Website Named Stardoll.Tom.Com! Wow It's A Japanese Website Where EVERYONE Is SUPERSTAR! There Are TONS Of Free Clothing In The StarPlaza! So If You Can Try And Join I Give This Place A 2 Thumbs Up! Click On The Purple Link To Go To The Site.

How To Wear The New Clothes!

Want to make the Punk and London style look better?
Look no further!
Help has arrived!
''London Chick'' look:

I really like those shoes with the jacket! The flared pants put everything together, along with the under-top. The bag is essential for this look!

The ''London Punk'' look:

The whole look are brought together by those amazing studded shoes! Don't forget the bracelet! ;)

Last, but not least, the ''Punk Chick'' look:

The red top matches the skirt's pleats. The shoes match the hat... My most favourite look!


Don't You Think This Room Is Amazing? I Sure Do! Great Job! Perlarubi!

Dive into the Ancient Times of pyramids and mummies OR of indians and camps.

Which theme do you think andreych wanted to say by her place?

Comment! We'll let you be the judge of this!