Prepare to be Dazzled!

Amazing 'Do!

From a distance, the do might look like some rare hairstyle, but if you look more clearly you'll see the horse extentions!


NICE job, Nice36! I always get excited when I see other Stardollians who share my love for free pink heart/star hairdos...:)
A special thanks to SwimmingChick08 for her recomendation to expose this doll!


Wow-ee! Check out Leila-Lilo's extra-terrestrial room! This have everything from black holes, to a variety of stars, to even martians! Not to mention her out-of-this-world hair-do! :)

Gorgeous Much?

Hmmm, gorgeous much? Janeystar has outdone herself with these two simply amazing furniture get ups. Great, great, GREAT, job!

A special thanks to Vintje for her recomendation to expose this doll!

Cocounat a "symbol" of creativity!

First of all, I want to say that Yasmine will be greatly missed, AND WE HOPE YOU COME BACK SOON!! *hint, hint* :). Secondly, I found today's covergirl cocounat, deserves to be "exposed". If you'll notice the Japanese symbol on her forehead, you might think it is a new release to the shop, but with further investigation you'll find that she created it using a ton of the "beauty marks/moles". It is certainly very original and looks like it took a lot of thought and work...great job! :)

Goodbye, Stardoll

Yes, I'm leaving.
I don't know if it's for good.
I may be back in a month... or not.
But you won't be seeing much of me.

I'm sorry.

As for this blog - My awesome fellow bloggers hopefully will take care of it. If not, don't panic; I will try to find people to manage it if you guys out there don't want it to shut down. It's your choice.

So this is Goodbye.