Prepare to be Dazzled!

ayfairy: always brilliant!!

I know we have featured her outfits a lot...but this girl is always brilliant in doing selfmade Dresses!!! OMG I love her!!!!
Well done ayfairy !!!

Just WOW !

zanilde`s selfmade dress is just amazing!! I really love it, and you?!

Amazing graphics!

I recently found out about Ruaninha's graphics and was blown away with her ability to make real life shoes and clothes! And not to mention dolls too :P


Ah, I love baybeeguurl's presentation!
It's too long for me to copy but it's so wonderful I copied 3/4 of it :)

Lovely presentation!

frenchtoast1's presentation looks awesome! She did a really good job! :)

I came across Sweetlus's blog Sweetlus Designs and was instantly blown away by her graphics. This girl has talent!

Wintery Scenery

MadWorld made this beautiful wintery scenery.
Also, thank you so much for including me in it :)