Prepare to be Dazzled!

Another Chic Non-SS!

I absolutely in awe of this cute outfit designed by: JERRIX
Check her out, for being a non-superstar she has TeenVogue-worthy style! I'm still impressed. Go Jerrix! ♥ Check out her other cute outifts BTW, she was winner of MelsModels cycle 2!


Sookie_S.`s wonderful House!!

Hello dear readers, Talia-87 here;))
I found a absolutly great Stardoll house made by Sookie_S. !! It seems she is a newbie on stardoll but her creativity is like by someone who is a "old member"!!! Just love it and you???!! Visit her today;-))

(click to entlarge)
Info: the stardoll insiders

Style Swap - Purple Passion


Note: Never excaggerate with blusher!

Style swapped on: barbie98321

Style Swap: Pretty In Pink

I decided to start naming my makeovers, to show the ''theme''. So, I decided to take on MiSS-SOPHiA, and turned her into a Pretty In Pink edition. [;

Thoughts? Opinions?

Rockin' Hi-lights!

Wow! The minute I saw sawa-wara's rainbow hi-lights I fell in love. Great job! :)

Value Village!

So cute:) you can't see much of the "village/tent" but it's creative and cute! Nice outfit, by the way too. hope you all enjoy & great work!
iStylie ♥

Non-Superstar Star!

Proof that even non-superstars can be stylish.
Well done 555lilly555!

Powerkaa`s awsome Suite!

Heya!! Talia-87 here. I visit Powerkaa yesterday. She was on the second place for covergirl and She has a really great and creative suite with many different themes. I picked my favorite rooms to show you here!!

(click to entlarge!)

I really like the Stardoll zoo!! What about you?
So visit her today to see all her fabulous rooms;))

Style Swap (4)

his time, I took on angel_of_HIM which was quite a challenge, since I wanted to keep her gothic-rocker edge but in a different way. I finally decided to use neon pinks and purple in a gothic way, thus giving out this result:

And of course, I left a stud - which, I myself, love. (;

Angel :]

I know Angel_of_HIM's outfit may not be to everyones taste, but I think this is an awesome outfit! I've always loved 'dark' outfits, and this takes 'dark' outfits to a whole new level! This is uber pretty :] Also, did you notice the cute cat ears? :]

Glass Stilettos!

When I came across these "Glass Stilettos" made by pure mini-shop items in the sceneries I was amazed! Congrats to spoiledjr555 for her work. It's really worth your visit. Btw, this looks like this must've took ages! Wowing!

iStyle ♥

A New Groove

I want to say big thank you & apology to the commenters on the last few posts. I agree 100% with what you have all said and I have nothing against it. That's clear, now. I must keep my word from the start, that I would feature "talents" and that cam mean anyone, but since stardoll is floating around with "anyones" it was hard for me to find that talented "someone" Yes, I know this will create more messages in the comments against my posts. From now on, I have made a promise to the blog readers, that I will set a new groove since my past posts. I will find "one of a kind" talents. Bizaare, unique & provoking ones. I hope you all enjoy this post and the future ones to come.Again, thanks to the commenters who shook me up to this idea. I hope not to disappoint them again, and if I do, please let me know as you have already done. Thank you!

Hope to see your responses! :)

Another Mermaid Scenery

Hello, it`s Talia-87 here;)
I want you show another Mermaid scenery made by Geheimer-enegel.
I felt in love with this Mermaid dress. She made it for a comp called New Face Germany (by Abraxxa). Have a look:

What you think??

Way to Go!

Wow! Check out x.nikki.babe.x hair! I love the combination of the red highlights and hair extensions. I've never seen anything quite like it! Great job, Nikki! xx


L-O-L. X.Aubrey.X has made a 'face' out of various items, completely covering her normal face! Very creative...very original...yes, yes, I emphasize ORIGINAL!

Style Swap (3)

I decided to take on Ruxxy's amazing medoll this time.
The dark-makeup suits her well but I wanted to take a different lane..
So instead I went all green-themed.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Mel the 'Mazing

{excuse JPEG, I couldn't be bothered to open Photoshop}

So, today I'm going to a beach party, and, after applying the usual 2 litres of eyeliner and mascara to my eyes, I think "Damn, I haven't posted for ages!" so, I look for something eye-catching and I see Mel wearing a hairstyle I thought was... How do I put this nicely? Darn-right ugly. Of course, by this time, I've only had a quick glance. I look again, deeper, and see that she's made it look absoloutey fantastic. This is what I call fashion! Well done, Mel!


The picture speaks for itself.
I only need to say two words. Utterly gorgeous!


OK, this is not an intro post.
Just a quick hello, as I haven't posted in quite a while now.
Sorry about that. I haven't come across anything amazing for a while now... :/
And to the anon people: please just pee off and leave me alone! There's no point hiding from me... being disguised as anons... I can still bite back!

Bye x

r1ma Stunning!

This was a request from one fo the previous/recent commenters. I had to check out this chick

. I was amazed! Her work is stunning. And this is only a few peices. Check this girl out! I love her items! I wish Stardoll would publically sell them in thier stardoll stores! I'd buy the whole store! ♥

Congrats, gal.


iStylie ♥

Beach Sweet!

This is so cute & beachy. Perf for summer. I love it. Good job! ♥ iStylie xoxo

Cute Rocker Highlights!

This a cute look. It's creative & very rockerish!
Congrats, girl.
iStylie ♥

Amazing Place!


Well done Czoklyt!

She's Done It Again! :)

Ayfairy has been featured here many times (and for good reason). She is an amazing furniture... outfit...creator...person....whatever you call her....:P If I remember right she was featured by singingmermaid in her Couture competition. All of her outfits are so original and unique; she definitely deserves to be featured here.
Anyways, I love this outfit so much. I really like how she added the Philosophy shoes in the mix; they really complete the outfit. Boy, if you glance at it quickly you could probably mistake it for one of the new swimsuits that Stardoll released! Great job, Ayfairy! xoxo

Just W-O-W!

Aside from being an a-mah-zing designer and having an a-mah-zing suite, ...halloween... also has has an a-mah-zing medoll! :) I love how she used some feather thingys to make some a-mah-zing bangs! (now I'm getting repetitive...). She blows me away, who would have thought of that? Not me, but clearly ...halloween...! A-mah-zing, a-mah-zing, A-MAH-ZING job!!! lol

Sweet dreams, Sarah!

Looking cozy in the hamock and it's so perfect for summer!
This is really looks very creative. Good job, Sarah!
And goodnight, lol.
xoxo iStylie ♥

Your Requests Were Heard

I was reading through the posts and comments and some of new added notes about having a banner and all.
I personally hate having to use banners because, well, I'm lazy (I hate having to add it to every single post... laziness) but in this case we have to have banners because of all the new writers.

Now, I would like to hear what you guys think.
Should we each make an individual banner (given that we know how to and have time) or should we have somebody to do them for us?

Impressive Scenery`s

Hey dear Readers!
I`m Talia-87 and one of the new writers;)) I want to say Hello and thank everybody who voted for me!! For some facts about my person please visit me on stardoll or have a look at my blogger profile;))

I want to introduce you Ofelia17`s awsome Scenery`s! It was a hard Stardoll journey to find her....I never saw such creative scenery`s and I think she is absolutly talented and deserve it to be featured here! I picked the three let`s have a look:

How cool is that...Spongebob!!

Doll as mermaid....

"selfmade" Mermaid!!

That must be real hard work and cost a lot of time! Ofelia17, you are a great Scenery artist! What you think??!!

TopMedoll is on top...AGAIN!

Wow! I heart Kate's outfit. It just screams LADY GAGA! LADY GAGA! I'm totally lovin' it. I know I'm reusing one of my 'catchy phrases' but....TopMedoll is on TOP...again! xx

Rockin' Username!

I really love finding crazy, random, and just plain funny usernames. 'SoPaintItOrange' is a perfect example. Rock on! (and paint it orange...duhh! :P)
PS--Lettie and Yas...I know we never had banners but since we so many writers now, I don't think it's too bad of an idea. What do you think? Are you ok with it? Are you against it? I can make the banners if you want... Just a thought. ;)

Wonderful Haiku! Congrats!

This is so sweet. I love how it's perfect and that it won best Haiku! Great job, msdarkshadow! Only weird thing is, that she only JUST joined today? Fishy...haha, fish theme!!! ♥ lol

Toodles, xoxo


Egyptian Paradise!

So, this is my first proper post.
Look at Kylie719's amazing room in her suite! Who would've though of making a skyline in stardesign of a city like that? It's beautiful :]

:) New Writer Intro Thing

Hello Sd-Exposed readers! This is iStyle. You may know me from my blog, which is an awesome blog, but I'm not doing any advertising.
This is my temporary banner, so if you have a banner for me, you can make one. Or someone who makes banners. I don't know. If nobody does, it's okay, I'll still live :)
Unlike "every other blog" I won't be posting about glitches or stuff like that. Why? Well b/c this blog (I actaully spelled "blob" the first time lol) is for finding talents and extraordinary stuff. So that's why. And plus, you other blog for that. Enjoy what us bloggers will bring you, because these talents deserve the attention, even if it's just on a blog.
So there is not much else I have to say, besides that I love Polyvore, and that I will post atleast once a day, if not more :) Don't worry, I'll never have you askin', "Where's iStyle?" Okay maybe you will, but I assure that'll only happen if I'm dead. Sorry, I ramble. That's it.
xoxo iStylie

There's More!

I know that I have "exposed" leila-lilo once before, but the more I see of her the more I like! I found two more a-mah-zing rooms. The first, a midevil castle complete with a drawbridge and knight in shining armour. The second is "Leila-lilo Studios". The impressive store window really captivated me. I especially like how she encorporated the LE charm into the sign. And of course, her hair is so funky and cool! -x-X-x-

First Post: Dei's Totally Stunningness

So, while watching an episode of Daria and drinking some very questionable juice, I receive a message from Yas saying that she needs my email so I can post here. I send it to her and, typical Stardoll, put it out in stars. After the second attempt, I receive the email and accept. I put on another episode of Daria, fill up my juice bottle with something less... Shall we say; gross. And think of what I should post first.

Posts full of just writing are boring, so I decided to post the person I've had a burning desire to write about since day 1 of meeting her. I am talking, of course, about Dei {AKA, To_Royal} and I put my Daria video on pause to take a print screen and write this {Good thing I'm a fast typer - I get carried away with writing though, so that's not so good...} and I have to say; her hair is a showstopper. Not only did she pick a dress that I really don't like and made it look red-carpet worthy, she also mixed it up in a totally original way - Fantastic!

Dei is a trendsetter - period - I'm sure her hair has been attempted by many people, but I'm sure noone can get it quite as amazing as that... Who would've thought of using layers to make hairstyles? Isabella.Arci - Eat your heart out ;))

- Hunni x x x

{Will the neighbors ever stop partying? I'm trying to sleep...}

I'll Introduce Myself :)

Hey! First of all I would like to say thank you to Yasmine and everyone else who works for Stardoll Exposed for choosing me as one of the new writers. And of course, all of the amazing people who voted for me in the poll <3

So, I’m Yasmin, also known as Yazzieblue on stardoll. I live in the UK, where I have always lived. I have an obsession with dark, gothic things, but I have a bright personality. I love to experiment with my style, and my outfits are normally quite gothic and/or punky.

Thanks again for accepting me :] I’ll post soon!

Yasmin xx


That hair.
That dress.

Martusss: well done.
(I would like to thank MeDoll-JustMe for telling me about this amazing girl)

It's Official: The New Writers!

Well, after 3 days and 133 votes on the poll (!) I've come to a decision.
I was planning of having the winner of the You Decide poll as one of the writers, so congratulations Yazzieblue!
Now, before seeing who are the new writers, please note that I did not choose them because they came 2nd in the poll. I only chose the top 1 from the poll.
So, congratulations to:

So, we have 4 new writers!
Well done again, guys.
Please note that it was mega hard to make a decision and I wish I could've chosen all of you. But sadly, that would be too much writers and the blog would probably get overloaded.

YOU Decide!

Well, I surely wasn't expecting over 20 entries to become writers!
I read and re-read them a couple of times and finally chose 10.
But, before I decide those who stay out of these 10, I would like to see your guy's opinions.
So vote for those who you'd think would make a great addition!
Check out the poll by scrolling down.

- Poll Closed -

Gnomes Anyone?

When I saw gnomealot's nickname I had to laugh. She gets two thumbs up from's random, quirky, and makes absolutely NO sense! haha. YOU GO GIRL!

Last Chance!

Since we got ever so many entries to become a writer (over 19 for sure!) and all of your entries were amazing, it's going to be a tough desicion so this blog might get more than 1 new addition to the team.

If you haven't applied yet, click here and read the entry and fill out the form and send it in the comments in that post.

Just a reminder, here is what you get to do if you become part of our team:

1) Get to invent new things for the blog (ex: Style Exposed was all ***EBD***'s idea)
2) Get to make people happier by featuring them and finally making yourself happier by doing something good
3) Make new friends when telling people you've been featured (I've personally made loads of new friends thanks to this blog)
4) Be part of a team!

Style Swap (2)

Today, I decided to take SingingMermaid for a Style Swap.
Her makeup is to-die-for, but I thought that maybe I'd change her doll a little bit...

First of all, I decided to take off those huge badly pixelized (or however you write it) sunglasses. I really don't like them and besides, they just cover up the beautiful medoll's eyes. Then, I changed the hair and hair colour to long and black. I think that with dark skin black hair goes best. Then a little eyeshadow here, a little blusher there and... Voila!

Style Swap

I've been thinking about doing this thing - Style Swap - for quite some time now, but never actually took action and did it.

What is it?
Style Swap is basically taking a random medoll and giving it a brand new makeover, thus giving the owner some ideas on how they can do their own medoll and also other viewers.

Though, please note that the Style Swap is not meant to offend anyone or give the impression that the person who has this style swap done on them has no sense of style and fashion.

The first person that I'm doing the Style Swap on is Cltreanor. I love her medoll and I'm sure that many of you out there do too. So, here's Claire's medoll before my Style Swap session.

Gorgeous much?!

Now, after a little bit of playing around with her makeup and jewellery, I styled her medoll to look like this:

So this is before and after:

What do you guys think? Love or hate Style Swap? Comment, we'd love to hear from you!

Looking For Writers!

Yes, you've read right!
We need to keep this blog fresh and since I've had to cut down my Stardoll hours, all the writing has decreased - maybe you've noticed.
Anyways, I'd like the people who would like this 'job' to fill in the upcoming form:

Stardoll Name:
How long have you been on Stardoll?
Do you have any Blogger experience? If yes, on which blog?
How long do you spend on the computer?
Why would you like to be a writer?


Well, I think it is high time that our very own Yasas10 is featured. I've always admired her style, and this outfit just really struck me. I love that even though there is such a variety of colors, they all "go" and look so put together. I'm simply amazed. :)