Prepare to be Dazzled!

Incredible Scenery!

I love yazzieblue's creative scenery!

Follow And Get Featured!

Yes, you've read the title right: following this blog helps you to be featured!
Why? How?
Well, as I was looking at the ''following'' list this picture from a Blogger account caught my eye. The picture was of a medoll close-up. And let me tell you, the medoll was wonderful. I saw the name of this account, and found out it was oOashleyOo. I went on Stardoll to check out oOashleyOo's account, and found what I was looking for. Voila!

Look at those gorgeous medoll eyes. So plain and yet at the same time sophisticated!

And how did oOashleyOo get found out? By following our blog! So follow and increase your chance of being featured... maybe you'll catch one of the bloggers' eyes!

Way To Make It Work!

I love iluvmumble333's medoll - she actually made those lips work! I always thought that was virtually impossible... but I was totally wrong! Well done, iluvmumble333!

In the Mood for Vampires?

Eeeeek! Scary much?
If Angel_of_HIM is going
for the vampire look, she
has mastered it! xx

Another Bathroom!

I love this room that JaleyBug333 made.
Cute, clever, and very functional
in our virtual lives! :)

Talented Much?

Check out just a couple of Lilysan's
a-mah-zing designs! I adore how she made
"a shirt on shirt". xx

U Called?

Yes, I called, to tell you how stunning your medoll is!

You're Invited!

Pillows are back in town!

Those free pillows were a great success. There were dresses, rooms and so much more! Then, people didn't use them anymore....Until now ;)

TylerTheAnon proves that adorkable is very cute with her amazing medoll and pillow dress!

SwimmingChick08 has made a spectacular room with tons and tons of those pillows! Fantastic!

What A Curtain Dress!

FionaMcGonigle totally aced her curtain dress.

Medoll That Screams,''FEATURE ME!''

Yleniagrech has a stunning medoll.
I simply love!


Wow - fascinating!
Babii-mariex has made a 2-coloured room and it really stands out! Wow....

What A Minishop Look!

Woah. Well done, N1mka4eva


I think if I look at Psychotic-Freak's
AMAZING outfit much longer, I might faint.....
enough said. xox


Norishige has outdone herself!
Her hair is wacky, yet cool!

Girl Power!

I thought SillyMaria13* made a bunch of extremely cheap stuff
look awesome! What a nice dedication to girl power... :)

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What Makeup!

Red_lolipops surely aced this look! Brava!

Pillow Fashion!

Since Stardoll released the free pillows,
I've seen tons of pillow creations. Of
them all, I would have to say Sarah_Is_Yellow
has one of the best. Enjoy!


Well, I guess this goes to show that
we aren't all completely human here...
Check out Morzik.....half kitty,
half girl! To me her look, is half crazy, and
half cool...what do you think?


Today I'm really using the word ''hawt''...
Anyways, I think looc123 pulled off this look perfectly.

cookiemonste12's elevator!

Creative and unique!
I'm loving cookiemonste12's elevator!

Lovin' The Doll And Place!

Well done, Mimal!

Candle Mania? It's all here!

Random, funny and genius!
MissCandleMania is rocking her username!

iamyourfat strikes again!

Check out iamyourfat's new gaw-jus look

inspired by Ziggy Stardust.

Well done~you go girl!


Emorox4eva has created a fantastic outfit! It is simply amazing!

As Sweet As Strawberries!

Nobody deserves to look that good...

Well done N1mka4eva! You totally deserve it!

This Girl Loves Shoes!

I know lots of people have this many shoes, but it's overwhelming to see so many in one place! :) Great job Maria_nl!

Outdoor Room!

Paulina_Madelen has one of the most amazing outdoor rooms I've ever seen! So realistic...