Prepare to be Dazzled!


Sorry, I don't have time to blab about how amazing this medoll is (but it is gorge). I think the pic speaks for itself....:) Great job!

I'm Feeling Sour on my Pink Couch...

One word:: LOL. SourPinkCouch has one of the most unique usernames evahhh! It's bold, confident, and just plain random...what more could you want? And aside from that she has a lovely doll! (even with no makeup since she is non-ss). I believe this girly deserves a round of applause!

Topmedoll is on Top!!

People are finding some amazing ways to use the newly-release butterflies!
Check out TopMedoll's amazing creation, great job, Kate!

Lettie Goes Designer!

I don't know if it's legal to feature a writer, but I couldn't help but feature our very own Lettie97! *cheers*. This girl is making her way up the designing ladder and dressing to impress with her awesome furniture creations...not to mention her adorkable new medoll. Well done! :)


Beautiful Eyeshadow!

Look at that eyeshadow! So realistic! Well done, supersophiexx

Well Done!

I would like to congratulate Silverbear for winning my club's (No-Scammers) competition by making the best club presentation. Well done!

Butterfly Dress!

Oh so CUTE! Nice dress, talia-87!

Natural (But Pretty) Look!

I just love how candyfloss188's medoll is natural yet so pretty!

200+ Followers!

Question is: Should we have a party?! ;)

Gorgeous Medoll!

I just love how she pulled off the daring blusher!
And that coloured fringe... oh-la-la!
Just gorgeous. Well done, nikelelosa2

Furniture Galore!

I surfed around Stardoll, did a little bit of screenshotting and found 8 of the best furniture outfits just for you!
Sit back, relax a little, perhaps drool at the gorgeous-ness, possibly be jealous and enjoy! :)
Click picture to enlarge.
ayfairy: When I saw this outfit I immediatly thought; 'show girl'. It's so fierce and just plain wow!
MissCunha: So glamourous and chic, you've gotta love it!
bluegreen86: It loudly states: 'GO GREEN' at the same time as being genious and amazing!
amelenia: I want to eat her all up! It makes me feel hungry and looks totally stunning!
laocaloca: Gorgeous beyond words! Perfect for a gala or a prom!
bolsje: Totally pretty and exotic! Reminds me of holidays which is a very good thing!
LittleMunckin: Pretty, pretty, pretty! Nothing else I can say!
FuegoGAU: So fierce and sexy! I love it! The hair looks fantastic too!

Just Genius!

Check out skeletonmouth's masterpiece in the top left corner.
At first glance, you might think it's a store bought poster, but look again!
Actually, that "poster" is made up of 9 different designed t-shirts showing a slightly different angle of the subjects face. Just imagine all the work and thought that went into just that! Well done skeletonmouth. :)

A delivery room?!

Most of us know that msdavies2005 is a very creative and clever girl. You think you've seen it all from her? Then think again!
It's genius and has totally shocked me!
How does she do it?!
Wow, wow, wow....!


I love .yoyo.'s medoll and furniture outfit! Simply artistic and amazing!
Thumbs up for .yoyo. :)

GaGa Scene!

Chinisua copied the Just Dance video scene perfectly!
Check out the video (from 3:07- 3:10)

Layering Genius!

Everytime I visit To_Royal, she always fascinates me with her clothing skills and layering ways!

Cushion Dress!

Complete with a crown...
Way to go, Naive-Magazine!

So clever!

Check out Fredder's recreation of the Eiffel Towel!
So easy to make, but so stunning!


In honor of Lady Gaga (and her new doll) N1mka4eva has outdone herself with this amazing recreation of Lady G's "bubble" dress. Simply amazing! :)

It's LE--for $8!

By now, I'm sure you've heard of the a-mah-zing new stardoll designer thatgirlsophy, but have you seen THIS? When I first saw the designed top above, I was sure it was just a Limited Edition piece I had never seen. With a closer look, I realized that thatgirlsophy's stroke of genius was behind it! It just blows me away...:)


After looking at ayfairy's amazing dress, the only emotion that comes to mind is *SCREAM!* Where do people get this inspiration? I think it's safe to say that ayfairy's talent ranks up as high as cltreanor and iamyourfat. Great job! xx