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Aren't you frustrated that Stardoll have cut out our 1 Stardollar per day?! I surely am! So, a couple of users have formed a blog together, demanding their $1 back. Sure, it may not result to anything, but at least we'd have tried!
Check it out by clicking here.

Pretty In Purpe!

I love how m9oda matched her clothes to the new HotBuys bag. (:
Are you wearing the bag too? Comment and be in for a chance to be featured here on Stardoll Exposed!

STRUCKbyglam Intro

Hello! As you may know, I am a new writer for this blog, in which I am so grateful. Anyways, as always, I must introduce myself.

I go by the name Isla, and I am STRUCKbyglam on stardoll. I love fashion and writing!
I will post pretty much the same stuff that the other members of SD Exposed do, and I'll have an awesome time doing it! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then please message me on Stardoll!

P.S.-Thanks so much, SD Exposed, for giving me this amazing opportunity! :)



Fabulous In Green!

I love how Ixyoni used a swim suite to complete such a fantastic look! This would have been an eyesore if not matched correctly, but she did it right and maked it work!

Creative hat....

LuvinCherrys has made a creative hat out of bracelets. His outfit is awesome too.

Colourful ^_^

Toxic_Neon has got a really cute presentation, it's colourful, but in pastel shades :) Her username is awesome too.

Great Presentation (:

I love _Stylish's presentation!

Creative Scenery!

theiaaa made a really lovely and creative Scenery! I just like the idea with the violine and that pose is good for it!! What you think??

New Writer!

I must say that I was impressed by all your entries and as always, it was incredibly hard to choose the one I think would blog very well. There was a particular entry that struck me of the others... I'm talking about STRUCKbyglam. Well done, you are our new writer!

Another "Stars-hair"

Made by dulce_myra ;))

♥ Why Not Feature a SD Blogger? ♥

So I was thinking the blogger community is also partially based on the SD Community as well. :)
This bloggerashionista, SD named: nj0y was amazing!!
I read this blog ever since day 1 and I love it. She posts regulary. And it's unlike any blog I'v ever read! She has cool new features and ideas for non-supers and Superstars. She really tries hard, I can tell, but this blog is like no other . Check it out at:
Or possibly follow? I have no connection to this blog besides the fact i read it daily. So this is no advertising going on. I am just obsessed with this blog! I barely even know the owner..

Anywho, check it out, yall! :)
iStylie ♥

Become A Writer For Stardoll Exposed!

Just a lill' reminder to tell you that I'll soon check all the applications, so if you want to apply please click here and read the post.

Nice scenerys!!

I`m really sorry for long time not posting!! I promise I will bring you more the next time!!! Joy0084 and Crazii_85 did a great job!! Well done;)
See you, Talia-87

Crazily Creative!

Another very creative outfit from Gkmktk. This outfit is wild, but it still works :)

Amazing library

This room in Ruth-Sechmet's suite is seriously amazing! It's so creative, and she's made the most amazing flooring and paintings :)

FALLen inLove With This!

When I first came across this scenery, I was skeptical, thinking everyone can pose in sceneries now. But the fact that is looks abstract and autumn-ish and sooooo perfectly cool I had to feature it/ Bella is a great scenery designer. Check her out! ♥

Ah-mazing 'do!

This girl has the rainbow in her hair!
I love spchick4949's 'do!

Looking For A New Writer!

Yes, seriously.
I'm looking for someone to post besides me.
The blog is getting quite boring and our writers are currently unavailable to post, therefore we need someone who can post all-year round.
All you need to do is fill in this little application and send it in the comments:

Stardoll username:
Ever blogged before?
Why you would like to join the Stardoll Exposed crew:

Thank you!

You Need To Check Out This Blog!

Looc123 hasn't failed to impress me with her graphics once!
Outstanding magazine and now a newly opened blog showing all her creations.
Click here to check out Caroline's Art, it's worth a visit!

Incredible Presentation!

Woah... Amazing.
Must I say more?
Well done hotbaby123456.


299 followers. 1 more to 300. This is incredible!
I would like to thank all 299 followers for taking an interest in this blog and giving the bloggers hope to post more, because when I personally know I have people who actually read what I write I write more. So you readers give me courage to stop being lazy and start writing. ;)
Thank you so much!


I was browsing through users' dolls as usual when a certain doll caught my eye. Agnefis was wearing the Candie's Black Vest Dress wonderfully! I zoomed out to see the whole look and the jeans she was wearing reminded me of something I had seen on Looklet, this cool dress-up site....

Anyways, I must say that this is simply fabulous!