♥ Why Not Feature a SD Blogger? ♥

So I was thinking the blogger community is also partially based on the SD Community as well. :)
This bloggerashionista, SD named: nj0y was amazing!!
I read this blog ever since day 1 and I love it. She posts regulary. And it's unlike any blog I'v ever read! She has cool new features and ideas for non-supers and Superstars. She really tries hard, I can tell, but this blog is like no other . Check it out at: http://nj0ystardoll.blogspot.com/
Or possibly follow? I have no connection to this blog besides the fact i read it daily. So this is no advertising going on. I am just obsessed with this blog! I barely even know the owner..

Anywho, check it out, yall! :)
iStylie ♥