Prepare to be Dazzled!

Happy (Early) New Year!

... In case I can't wish you a Happy New Year tomorrow!


Ok All You Fashion Lovers Last Night I Found A Great Website Called Avenue7 Where You Can Create Outfits And Check Other Outfits Out Too.

Lovely Album!

Hasta La Bye-Bye

I'm off on a short break to London!
I can't post or go on Stardoll cause I'm not allowed to take my iPod :(
I'll be back next Wednesday, but of course won't go on the computer then as it's New Year's Eve - I'll be party-ing instead! So I'm safe to say I'm actually back Thursday!

Au Revoir <3

Nice And Cozy

Look At This Amazing And Cozy Room! Nice Job PwincessKiss

<3 this presentation!

All Dressed In Red!

I love TopMedoll's dress!
Red 'n Fabulous!


I Thought This Room Was Adorable! I Love Her Little Windows! Great Job GemGem-Baby

What The?!?!

Is Stardoll Insane!? No Offence But Seriously This Dress Looks Weird.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, our dear Stardoll Exposed readers!
The whole crew would like to wish you the best Christmas you can have!
Merry Christmas!

Gudmunda look Gorgeous ♥

This girl has a heart as gorgeous as she looks - it's Gudmunda92.
I LOVE what she's done with the horse hair! She looks very pretty!
I like it :P

Cute Presentation!

I like! :P


...SingStar... has created her own catwalk in her suite!

Barb_A and her spectacular tree!

I love Barb_A's Christmas Tree! It gets me in the Christmas Spirit!
Job Well Done :)

Magical Room!

I was amazed when I saw ...SingStar...'s room.
Just see for yourself:

ewonline looking gorge!

Doesn't Lilla look too GORGEOUS for words?!

'Tis The Season To Look Like A Hottie!

I know I've already posted Christmas looks, but I feel like I should give more details.

So, we all want to look good, especially in Christmas time, on Stardoll and off.
So here are the tips to look good online!

Red lipstick is hot this season!
Try mixing eyeshadows!
Don't go wild with the blusher!
Mascara is totally hot! (depends on what type of eyes)
Use the Kat Von D eyeshadow for a special look!

Be careful on how you apply the eyeshadow, or you'll end up with the eyeshadow shown in the picture below. Not such a pretty sight!

The picture below shows, in a way or other, how your look should come, if you took all the tips given.

I hurriedly tried another look, this time using blue, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Go on, try a look!

Katherine1819 - More Designs

Click to enlarge.
The wonderful katherine1819 has done it again!
She has been a star and showed us some of her fabulous designs.
katherine1819 you must show these to Stardoll! If they released these, I would totally buy them all!
Which is your favourite?

Also, I am hopefully getting more of katherine1819's soon and hopefully dodence_Bt's too.


We all know that Mario (dodence_bt) was an amazing designer but we didn't know of katherine1819, did we?!
She is an AMAZING designer. Look at the dress she made! That dress is simply gorgeous! I want to own it!
She should totally send her designs into Stardoll. And Mario too.
If I find anymore virtual clothes designers I'll post, and hopefully some of them will be able to share some designs with us!

thatgirlsophy - you've been exposed!

thatgirlsophy is an amazing designer that has got to be exposed to the Stardoll world!
She also has a blog where she shows lots of her designs and stuff that she has made in StarDesign from real life. Click here to go to her blog.
She rocks, agreed? Check out her suite now for more of her fab designs!

Claire you amaze me!

Claire you seriously amaze me! You must win an award for your outfits!
White: It is sooooo pretty. It gives you that Christmassy feeling and I just think it is very pretty!
Red: OMG! It is not just pretty, but GORGEOUS! I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like it! I am in love :P



Cute?! I Absolutely Think This Is An Adorable Room! Don't You? Great Job Almendra13!

Sweet Presentation!

Anybody else (except me, that is) that simply loves Emma's presentation?!

Talk about SWEET!

Totally, Serisously, Amazingly, Wow-ingly, STUNNING!

I have one thing to say apart from WOW. And that is:
Claire, you stun me!

Hu-uge makeover!

If you've noticed, the blog layout has changed a LOT!
Our previous layout didn't allow us to paste a blog header, and I like those!
It was time for change, anyways. I get bored with the same layout day in day out...
I hope you like the new one!

Ah-mazing Medoll!

I love Ciaraleanne's medoll!
Oh so glamorous!

Ever been to Planet Caravan?

Now THAT is a username!
So random and cool. I adore it!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Yasas10! Everyone Lets Wish Her The Best Birthday Ever!


Wow Look At This Room! Isn't It Great?!?! Awesome Job Cltreanor!

The Best Album Cover Ever

wriemarycat's album cover is just.... GORGEOUS!
Creative, pretty, eye-catching, I just LOVE it!
I can't wait to see the rest of her album!

Fakeshake3's Album

FakeShake3's album is out-standing!
Click here to see the rest of it. Do NOT miss it - it rocks!
Well done Ellie :)

Christmas Trees

...halloween... has made a stunning Christmas tree!
I'm looking for more Christmas trees made out of clothes, or MiniShop items and not just original ones decorated!
So, contact us if you have or know someone with one.


Cute Ain't It? I Love It!

Under The Sea

WOW! MissPaprika has amazed me yet again!
This ocean room is cool and creative.

Anyone else with Under the Sea rooms out there? Tell us!

MissPaprika, her two friends and her paintings....

MissPaprika's room is simply outstanding! She shows she's not alone with her two friends and her paintings are just amazing!
I ♥ IT.

Tinkheart07's Wonderful Album

tinkheart07's album is so ah-dorable! I am in love with it!
I can't wait for more! It's very entertaining too!


Crazy199 sure has a lot of talent when it comes to designing!
Check out that top! I immediately bought it!
Keep up the great work :D

This hits Agyness Deyn off the spot!

Agy.Dey's current outfit surely is a wow-er! It will knock Agyness Deyn's looks off the spot!
Great job :]

Modelisous - with a grrrreat album!

WOW! Modelisous made a fa-u-lous album of her favourite looks and song lyrics!
Great idea! I love it!

PS - A Big Happy B'day to Yasmine

Short 'N Sweet Presentation!

I love maltezerica's presentation: Short 'n Sweet!
Multicoloured, good points...

Recently I Was Checking Out The Zwinky Club Seeing If Anything New Was Coming To Zwinky And Noticed That Zwinky Doesn't Have A Club Owner? So May I ask Who's In Charge Or Is It A Glitch?

Once Again!

Hey Guys Once Again I Am Falling Behind In Posting. Please Do Not Be Mad I Have Seriously Been Busy With Basketball And Homework So Guys Be Patient On Me And I'll Post As Soon As I Can!

Cute Presentation!

Wow, GirlWWE has an amazing presentation!

Nice Presentation!

I really like Baileygirl1212's presentation...!

In Need Of A New Staff Member!

We need a website manager to take care of our Piczo site:


Those applying need to know how to update the Piczo site with the latest pictures of medolls, suites etc that are featured here, and also give interviews and choose people for the ''User Of The Month'' section.

Are you up for the job?!

The Creator Of Amazing Presentations!

Frannyfeet has created several presentations for users on SD that are gorge - so how can hers not be amazing?!

The World's Most Fantabulous Album!

The best album ever! Agreed?
I love it!
Well done to Ciaraleanne!

Seen any great albums? Comment or contact SD-Exposed on Stardoll!

MsDavies2005 - LE Madness!

MsDavies is simply amazing me x 11!
Check her 11 rooms and especially her latest room - her LE room!


Zmija666666 has a fantabulous presentation.
Love it!

Lovely Font!

I love the font on kirstii_babii's presentation!
Way to go! ;)

Awesome Presenation!

I'm introducing presentation ''showing''.
Basically, I'm going to start posting awesome presentations here.
And here's my 1st one:
princess_9234's presentation rocks!

Dressed The Best!

Gosia's dress looks... so real!
I didn't even notice it wasn't a real dress, and that she put it all together!

Colourful Medoll!

Crunchie123 has an amazing medoll!
Talk about multi-coloured beauty!

Christmas Looks!

'Tis the season to be jolly...
Jolly and glamorous!
Look FABULOUS in the Christmas colours!

2 For 1!

myszqa_95 has got it all - a great medoll AND suite!
What do you think?!

I looooove! :D

Another Gift Dress

Yet Again Another Gift Dress But May I Say This One Is Actually Very Pretty! What Are Your Thoughts On It? This Dress Is For NON-SUPERSTARS But Today I Bought Stardollars And Clicked To Go Get The BLUE Dress For Us Superstars And It Took Me To My Suite And Gave Me This One So Who Knows.

Lovely Suite!

Don't you just love vahine's room?

I surely do!

Free Poster.

Go To Real Celeb Faith Hill's Page Add Request Her As A Friend.
Then Once You've Done That Go To Your Suite And Then There Ya Go In Your Main Room A Poster Awaits You.




Wow! lauren_snoop has made a great Christmas outfit!
Very festive :)

Outfir Vote - THE WINNER!

Tyrall is our Outfit Vote winner! She has received the 'You Look Great' gift!
Well done to her and the others stunning girls!

Shall I do another of these?
And if so, same theme or different? Username, scenery, or something else?!


Wow Nice Room Great Medoll. Jeremyn2005 Did An Outstanding Job!