Prepare to be Dazzled!


New layout.
I got so sick and tired of the old one I could barely look at the blog.
This is fresh and notebook-y. =D


So nice! Very simple and eye-catching!

Lika_90`s Hair

Great Job Lika_90! I like that red Hair combination!!

Exposed Awards?!

I was sorting out some old papers from half a century ago 'cause I was bored to tears, and came across EXPOSED AWARDS
I happily read the list of usernames, retrieving all the old memories of organizing the blessed awards.
So, I was just wondering... should we host them again, for old time's sake?!

Do you have TALENT?

Hey! (:

I want to feature some of our followers for sticking with us for so long! How about it?
If you have a talent in this criteria, put your username below and hope to be featured!

-a follower
-has a SD account
-presentation maker
-scenery goddess
-great outfits


Toxxic.angel has this amazing outfit!


I'm on a roll today :P
Luctara's suite is amazing! I especially this room :]

Beyond amazing designs!

Verojun makes some of the most amazing designs on Stardoll!

Creative suite!

Charlotte [ClubKaiser] has one of the most creative and amazing suites I've seen!

It's been so long!

We're sorry it's been so long since we last updated!

I'm sure the rest of the team are really busy, so I'll try to keep updating when I can :)