Prepare to be Dazzled!

Things Are Going To Get SPOOKY!

Things are starting to get spooky. We are almost there, just one day till October!
Look at this room in Msdavies2005 suite. It is (and I will NOT tell a lie) the best room I have EVER seen on Stardoll. It is just amazing! Just remember, enter at your own risk!
It gets me excited for Halloween! I am going to throw a party where you have to dress up spookily! MsDavies will HAVE to come!
Click here to browse through Ms Davies' other amazing rooms.

Beautiful Doll!

3 time covergirl Pretty_megan-9 has a very beautiful medoll!

Wear Punk in Style

Some people don't buy punk clothing because it's not their style or because they say that it's not fashionable. But if you can add jewelery and things to make it stylish, you get a good look! Both of the looks focus on black most, but they're both fashionable. So try to change the boring, unstylish clothing into something big!


Look at i_am_collecters collection of lots of rares! It's amazing! Click here to have a look.


You're Invited
A party for fun... no real reason! :D
Hosts: Yasas10 and lettie97
Where: lettie97's guestbook
Time: Today at 5:00pm (GMT time)
Theme: Celeb-like!
So attend or don't ever go to a party!
See you there!


Prepeare for a grand party guys!
Invitations and details out soon so hold on!

Splash into a Brand new Magazine

When I saw this my mouth went into a big 'O' shape! It's a wonderful magazine - you have to check it out!
With Mimi_Mami as covergirl, non-superstar hotbuys, beauty school for fall and much more, you have to check it out!
Click here to read this brand new magazine by hrvatica_97. Your mind will get whirled into Splash!

Piano Room.

Amazing Suite By Cutie-Cakey! I Love The Way Her Red Pattern Goes With The Room! Her Room Is WoW! I Totally Give This Room A Thumbs Up!

-CoolDude's Room!

Amazing! I Love His Wall! Wow! Ah-Ma-Zing!
Check Out This Suite By Going To -Cooldude! An Amazing Suite By An Awesome Guy!


Hi Guys! It's xOmgx! Sorry I Haven't Been On Lately I Have Been Busy With School And Volleyball! But It's The Weekand So Prepare For More Great Suites,And Fashion!

Superstar Us!

Yesssssss! SD-Exposed this blog's account is now superstar thanks to vikkiiee! We won a comp!
Any one else with any cool gift or giftcode comps tell us!

Fabulous Covergirl!

Finally a CoverGirl who deserves it!
nininokinhas has great taste!
Well done darling!

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Vellyn has shoes, shoes and more shoes! LOOK! ^ It's incredible!
♫ Shoes, glorious shoes. La la la la la la. ♫


She's a lovely girl with a lovely suite, it's rute_xox!

I love her closet room. It's so neat which makes it look totally stylish and professional.
Then there's her Voile Gift collection!

This girl is one to be noticed! Check her out now!

Closet Room: Fabulous!

Isabella's closet room is unbelievable! It's simply wonderfully decorated and totally full of fabulous creations! Well done Isabella.Arci!

Fmuthgrl; Featured yet Again!

At this rate she'll be one of the Exposed Stars in no time!
Fmuthgrl is such a sweetheart! Sher's really nice so maybe pop her a guestbook comment!
She sent me a message today about her new room. I went to have a look and my mouth dropped all the way to the ground! You'll see why!

The best ever room I have seen on Stardoll.
One word for you. AMAZING!

WOW! (2)

WOW! with this stylish tips to make YOU look better!

Fabulous Room!

Well done .Sony93. What a wonderful place! *Claps loudly*
Mi piace tua stanza!

Wicked Room.

Look At This Room! Amazing! Vellyn Has A Great Room Style Anyone Who Reads This Visit Her!

Website Manager Job!

Me and my gals would like a new person to join our gang.

This person needs to:
1) Have contact with us from Stardoll
2) have contact with us from mail
3) Know how to use Piczo

We would like a person who can check our blog daily and when she or he sees any new updates he or she sees copies the pictures unto Piczo and then does a direct link etc.

Please apply by mail, comments right here or on our Stardoll account, sd-exposed.

RaWr.ItsMeryl; A Stylish Girl

Gorgeous, right? I love it. RaWr.ItsMeryl really knows how to style. This is an outfit she put together that was in her suite. I put it on her doll and I automatically said 'Wow! That's pretty!' Look at her suite.

Matulka; 6 Time Covergirl Winner!

Amazing! Todays covergirl, Matulka is amazing! She has won covergirl 6 times already! She has an amazing suite and a pretty doll. She must be living the dream! Check her out!

Great Designs.

Wow! As I Was Looking For Homemade Designs I Stopped By To See If Livie_Lou Had Any And Sure Enough She Did! Amazing Jonasbrothers Tees! I Am Surely Asking Her To Sell Me A Nick Design.

Cute Rooms!

Oh my gosh this is THE cutest room I've EVER seen!
Well done yosyo1 for your hard work and effort!
I ♥ it so much!

Now That's What I Call Style! With A Capital 'S'

Gosh. I would love to have a creative sense of style just like Steelone.
It's just so pretty! I love it! be sure to visit her page. Her style is just amazing!
This Girl Is A True Style Queen! Look:

Cute 'N' Casual? Pay UndamyUmbrella a visit.....

Hmm. I like it. It's cute and casual. Her medoll looks pretty too. Pay UndamyUmbrella a visit now.

New SD-Exposed Site!

Click here! Click here! Click here!

SD-Exposed has got a site for all the people that are featured on this blog!

It is on!!!


PJC2007; Great Scenery

I know PJC2007 is my brother but I just love this scenery and it needs to be told about to you!

It's cool. Not much work was put into it but it looks fab! It's creative! I love it! He called it 'rip off' which is cute! (He's 7.)
Click here to visit his page.

PS - This is the first boy to be mentioned on this blog! Well done PJC!

VampLady - A Gothic Garden

Wow, I love it! VampLady has a gothic garden in her suite! It is so creative! Well done! I think I've found yet another talented suite designer here! Click here to visit her beautiful gothic garden!



TroublePlus2' She's getting into the 'Spirit' of things!

TroublePlus2 is really getting ready for Halloween! Check out her suite! I love it! It's spookily creative!
What do you think of it?

Thank You All!

Thank you visitors for viewing our blog!
I can't believe we have over 200 hits after just 1 day!
This is totally unbelievable... we starred famous people like fakeshake3 and they replied that they were totally honoured!
Thank you so much people!

More Awesome Rooms!

This Room Is Also Another Home Made Kitchen! Also By GrammieD. I Suggest To Everyone Who Visits This Blog To Visit This Suite!

Here Is Another Awesome Room By GrammieD Her Suite Is Also Great! I Will Show Another Room Too! This Room Looks Great She Even The Statue Of Liberty In The Room How Awesome Is That? Pretty Aweosme!

Moname13 With an Upstairs!

13 has made her own upstairs in one of her rooms! Juts look a it! amazing, right? It's stylish and creative! Well done Moname13!
Click here to visit her!

Amazing Suite! Awesome Rooms!

Another Amazing Room! Wow! She Is Great! As Much As I Would Love To Show All 10 Rooms Here You Must Go And See It for Your Self! Wow! I Give Tops To Coccolosa68! She Is Awesome Her Suite Is AMAZING!

Another Amazing Room! She Has Great Designs! Wow!

Ok This Is One Of The Amazing Rooms In Coccolosa68's Suite! Amazing!

Organic Room. Awesome Room.

My Jaw Dropped When I Saw This Room. It Is Completly Awesome! I Love Zhanna_Shilina Room And Her Outfit! If You Take A Look At What she Is Wearing In The Picture It Is Wow! I Love the T-shirt She Is Wearing And Her Room Is Wow!


Guys, PLEASE join The_insiders and in the topic ''Yasas10 invited...'' write that I invited you.

It's an emergency because we need a giftcode to make this blog even more famous from our account so if you would kindly help us make it simply by joining and writing your name!

Thank you soooo much!

The Blog Account

We all share an account for this blog!

Add us, sign the guestbook and more!

Click here to visit the account!

Thank you for the gifts guys! You rock! We've gotten lots and I mean LOTS of gifts from lots of people! You guys rock!

Also, if you want to ask us a question or send us fan mail then email us at!

Dining Rooms!

Have you seen becca_30's dining room? It's amazing! I love it so much! Well done Becca!

Elegant Room? Great Room!

Ok This May Not Be The Island Room I Posted Earlier.. But It Is By The Same Person Invidia! I Also Thought this Room Look Great Because It Looks Like A Place Where Someone Could Come Home To And Relax While Listening To Music Or Reading A Book.

Arna-Rut's Beautiful Medoll.

I Was Looking Through My Friends And Decided To Visit Arna-Rut's Suite. I Personally Think That She has a Beautiful Medoll. I Also Loved The Way Her Kitchen Counter Looks.

DKNY-OS; A Wonderful Site and Magazine

I have previously told you about Msdavies2005. Well here you are again then.
She owns a great club called DKNY-OS and you should join it! The club is based on her site and magazine DKNY-OS.
You can go to that site by clicking here.
It is a simply fantastic site and every month a new issue of the great magazine is released on the site.
Visit the site now because you WON'T regret it!

Fmuthgrl; A Kitchen!

When I saw this my mouth went into an 'O' shape. This is just amazing! A kitchen in a suite! And it's not the interior, it's her own made kitchen! Fmuthgrl is brill at designing suites and outfits! Just look at her latest outfit! Click here to go to the wonderful page of fmuthgrl!

Emorox4eva and her Lottery Collection!

Emorox4eva has alot of lottery dresses. She must be made of money to afford all those dresses. I have to say it is a wonderful collection and she has a wonderful suite aswell. Go to her page now and it'll make you say wow!

Pretty and Kind; It's Gudmunda92!

A very close friend of mine. She is such a sweetheart. She has to have a mention on this blog.
Gudmunda92 is one of the nicest people I know and her doll is very pretty. Add her as a friend now and you'll see what I mean by her being such a sweetheart!
She totally deserves this mention!

Beautiful Dolls!


One of the nicest dolls around! The makeup is... wow! And so is everything else! Way to go girl!

Talented Designer - MissPaprika

MissPaprika is one talented designer! Look at her designs - fairies, Madonna, people, cats and more! She's amazing! Check out her suite by clicking here now and don't forget to check out her designs that are for sale!

New Writer!

You might have noticed a new writer, lettie97! Welcome lettie, to our blog!

Look Like A Celeb - Ashley Olsen

Here's how to look like real celeb Ashley Olsen for a cheap price! All the clothes are for non-superstars too!
Click the picture to enlarge.

Wonderful Suite; MsDavies2005

Hi! It's me Lettie97 and I'm the new writer of Stardoll Exposed! I hope you like my posts! I would like to start off with a suite that I have ALWAYS loved and always will, MsDavies2005's!

Her suite is AMAZING! There's 10 rooms full with wonderful things! Her big DKNY collection, bags and more lovely rooms! In one room she once had a LAKE! Check her out now by clicking here!
She is also the owner of popular club DKNY-OS which I recommend for DKNY lovers! This girl is talented and very kind! Add her now!

WOW! (1)

Want to look glamorous? That's what the blog is here for!
Take these makeup tips and try them out!

CarCar947's Room.

Ok Once Again I Was Browsing Stardoll And Found This Room. CarCar947's Room Looked So..Great! Not Everyone May Agree But I Think This Is A Great Room.