Prepare to be Dazzled!

Colourful presentation!

Sorry that I haven't posted for a while...
Elegant.girl.95's presentation is uber cute :) It's simple, but it works :)

Perfect LE Look

Rachweee123 found a way to combine various pieces of LE and didn't make it look trashy; on the contrary - the look is perfect!

Limited Edition: The Best of Stardoll's Finest

Cute LE, right? Sorry I haven't posted lately, I'm at my nan's and I'm lucky to be on the internet.. Even if I have about 10 minutes :P
Anyways... I'm loving that Chanel bag, it's got a super-interesting design!!! These are the 3 LE wearers I managed to spot today, even if 2 out of 3 are my good friends... Anyways.
I love Mario's outfit. He matched 3 LE products and didn't make it look tacky. The bag draws the whole outfit together and he looks sophistocated and chic.
Erik pulled together a classy look with matching tights, purse and scarf (yes, that's a scarf) the suit ties the look up perfectly - bravo!
VictoriaClor's outfit is VERY eclectic. An expert use of pinks, purples and blues shows she really knows her colours... Bellisimo! What was your favorite?

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Who Wore It Best?

Today I decided to do two polls: a who wore it best one for the 2010 Inspired by Betsey Johnson, an ultimate favourite of mine, and a poll for the Hotbuys Leopard Print Coat.

Bluegreen86 vs. Findurlove

Grace373 vs. Blonde_bum101

Leopard Print In Style

I was visiting Stardoll users the other day, when I came across emma63443... I was astounded with what she had created for wear! I think that we will be hearing a lot of Emma!

Dressed To Match The Presentation! Original Much?!

I LOVE how RazorKissedLips's presentation is lilac and white, and she's wearing lilac and white in the presentation and in her suite, as well as having her medoll styled so to match!
I must say that I am very impressed. :)

Would You Like Some Fierce With That? :)

Get a load kxcatarinaxk's gorgeous outfit! I love how she worked it with the three hotbuys. Simpy FiERCE.


Oh So Fierce!

I know, I know, I have used the word 'fierce' to described gorgeous Stardollians before, but I just couldn't come up any better world to fit Rebel4ever1's amazingly a-mah-zing hair. It's just fierce.
Be Fierce, Baby, Fierce!
P.S.--In case you can't tell, 'fierce' is my new favorite word. LOL. :]

Do you know Anne Geddes?

Hello, I`ts Talia-87 here;))
Maybe you know Anne Geddes and her super sweet babypictures like this:

Miloba know her and made a scenery with our stardollbabys and "styled" them like Anne Geddes would do;)) Cool idea and really cute!!!

Incredible Designs!

emilyDollheart_ has some amazing designs! :)

Best Hair Yet!

I personally think **portuguesa**'s hairstyle is one of the most unique I've come across in my entire Stardoll experience!

So a big well done for your creativity, Andriana. ;)

Abstract Art Designs

Lillypy has some incredible abstract art designs!
Don't you think so too...?

Eye Catching Presentation!

Today's CG winner - 11AUSSIECHICK11 - has a presentation that certainly caught my eye! Not only does she use several shades of blue, she also did a black backround which causes the blue to come out even nicer! Well done 11AUSSIECHICK11 on your fantabulous presentation and for winning CG! ;)

Katara4`s Scenerys

Hello dear readers!! I found great scenerys made by Katara4 !!
Have a look at this fabulous ones:

Vote for this scenery today and tomorrow! She deservs to win!

Great job Katara4!!!

So peaceful :]

Doesn't his room in Manson_is_best's suite just look so peaceful? :)
Not only is that that room beautiful, but so in this room:

Welsh_Witch Gone Designer!

When I first saw this gorgeous design created by Welsh_Witch, I though one of those talented, famous SD designers made it. But NO! Rhiann started from scratch and voila! It's such an original idea that turned out just GREAT! Good job Welsh_Witch!

Be Fierce!