Limited Edition: The Best of Stardoll's Finest

Cute LE, right? Sorry I haven't posted lately, I'm at my nan's and I'm lucky to be on the internet.. Even if I have about 10 minutes :P
Anyways... I'm loving that Chanel bag, it's got a super-interesting design!!! These are the 3 LE wearers I managed to spot today, even if 2 out of 3 are my good friends... Anyways.
I love Mario's outfit. He matched 3 LE products and didn't make it look tacky. The bag draws the whole outfit together and he looks sophistocated and chic.
Erik pulled together a classy look with matching tights, purse and scarf (yes, that's a scarf) the suit ties the look up perfectly - bravo!
VictoriaClor's outfit is VERY eclectic. An expert use of pinks, purples and blues shows she really knows her colours... Bellisimo! What was your favorite?

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