Prepare to be Dazzled!

New Layout

What do you think of the new layout? I think it looks great.

Great Kitchen!

Lovely, eh?

Eline28's kitchen.


Designs that are HAWT!

Check out Roger's Art for gorge designs posted daily.


A new thing we haven't featured before - banners on Stardoll blogs.
Prepare to be amazed....

Is this the best blog banner ever, or what? Gorgeous!
Whoever made that, is definitely on my top 10 amazing graphics list! ;O
The Glossed Blog

I love the idea of this banner... the clothes look awesome on it as little pictures. Loveeeely!
Stardoll TrendSetters
Simply, yet stylish and sophisticated. I like it, it goes well with the blog's name.
Stardoll In Our Eyes

It's simple but wow-ing! Well done to the creator of this banner, it looks effective and totally stands out!
The Star Dose

Would you like to see more banners featured here in future?!

What A Presentation!

Short and super nice.
Today, I am happening to come across a LOT of magnificient presentation, just like xFlame-Girlx's lovely presentation!


I love this presentation! So simple yet chic!

Well done titie_13!

Styling Studio

If You Haven't Noticed We Got A New Styling Studio!! SUPERSTARS You Can Show All Of Your Favorite Clothes And Show Off Your Skills So Try It Out!


Wonderful! Amazing! Lovely!

Amazing much?!
Talia-87 has one of the best places I've ever seen!
And great creation...

More videos later... They take ages to load!

It seems a new designer is here!

Ruxxy [boowow_1998] has begun creating clothes. They have proved pretty good and here are just some of them: What do you think?
A new brill designer in store for us? :)

Sale Time!!

Time For Our End Of The Month Sale!!!!!


Hanyu_desu's hair is AWESOME!
Do you know anyone else with their own designed hair? Tell me immediately! ;]

Beautiful Suite And Medoll

Two thumbs up to Yosyo1. She once again is being featured for either an amazing or medoll or suite! Well I think that this room is awesome! Great job Yosyo1!

Dalvik dressed up in bows!

I love how dalvik has used bows to make her outfit!
It's great :D

Lovin' The Presentation!

(lil_hotty_fosho's presentation)

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers...

Isabella.Arci's room is so pretty!
Flowers, flowers and guess what? More flowers! Fantabulous!

10010 HITS!

Thank you oh so much for following, commenting and even viewing!

Mario's Designs :)


I asked Mario to make some DKNY designs for the blog and here they are:
Simply amazing!
Let's hope Stardoll make our next DKNY collection as amazing as Mario did!
What do you think of his designs?
To see more of his designs on his blog, click here.
Thanks again Mario :D

Good News!

Ok Guys I'm Back! My Thumb Was Seriously Badly Jammed According To my Doctor It's Still Jammed But It's Slowly Getting Better. so Be Ready I'm Back And Looking Sorry If I Don't Post Alot Either Guys, I just Started Scholars Bowl Practice And Then I Still Have Basketball Before It So Yea But But I'll Try My Best To Post!

Like My New Header?


MissParika's suite is amazing!
Here are her 3 best rooms :)

Wicked Presentation!

PuRpLeMeAn's presentation is total awesome-ness!
It's one, I'll have to remember! :)


Barb_ A has made her own door in her suite! WOW! It's a brill idea! :)
Keep it up Barb :)


Brianna3285's medoll is fantabulous!
It's great how she is not afraid to accessorize and her hair looks gorge - all the different colours look amazing!
Great Job :D

Godlygirl10 - Stylish yet Sophisticated

Don't you think Godlygirl10's current outfit is so stylish and sophisticated?
The outfit just screams out: "GORGEOUS!"
Well done :)



Sorry & Sad

Hey guys i probably won't be posting for awhile because i'm pretty sure i broke my thumb so sorry if i don't post alot.


starszn looks totally amazing!
Wow-wee! :O
She's a total STAR ;)


WOW! I've found another medoll special trend.
My lovely friend loveangelxx (Aimee) has used a vest for this hairdo!
It looks so awesome, don't you think?

Beautiful Room

Look at this beautiful room created by Almendra13. Amazing I love the colors she used in this room it really looks like a bedroom great job!

This IS Pretty!

I see why Madison chose this_is_pretty: Her medoll is simply amazing!
Not only that, but what she's wearing too!
I love!

Moonacre Mania!

tinkheart07 is has one of the best albums around, she's been featured on this blog many times.
She's recently re-designed her album with more new exciting and creative pages! She dedicated one to Moonacre which is absolutely amazing. Look at it! Wow!

More of katherine1819 designs!

A week or 2 ago I posted about the talented designer katherine1819.
Here are some of her new creations:
My favourite is the green dress, what about yours?

The Double Headband Look!

It used to be The Bow Look but a new medoll look is in! - (As I call it) The Double Headband Look! People are using the sort of sandy hair colour and adding 2 or 3 headbands in their hair colour.
I personally think it looks gorgeous, what about you?

Here is agamng totally working this look.
She's added another headband which makes it look extra pretty!
Her medolls make-up is too gorgeous for words as well!
<--- agamng

Fakeshake3 is also making this look very WOW!
She's added quite a lot of hairbands and it looks lovely!
The earrings and hair piece give her medoll that extra sparkle of gorgeous-ness!
fakeshake3 --->

Have you noticed anymore special and clever medoll looks? Contact me! :)

2 Floors!

The lovely Janders has made a spectacular winter themed room. Totally amazing!
And, there's 2 floors - I love it! :]

TopMedoll is definetly a Top Medoll!

I can see where she gets her username from! That outfit is simply AMAZING!
I'm so stunned I'm lost for words :O


iamyourfat has simply stunned me!
Just look at that outfit!
Wow x 100000
Talk about Winter-y and Wonderful!

New Blog In Town!

Ok Well I Was In Club Animal-Lovers And There Was A Topic About A New Club And I Decided To Let Them Have A Shine Here On Our Blog! Please Take A Visit To The SaphireGossip Blog!
(To Visit The Blog Click The Name In the Blue!)