The Double Headband Look!

It used to be The Bow Look but a new medoll look is in! - (As I call it) The Double Headband Look! People are using the sort of sandy hair colour and adding 2 or 3 headbands in their hair colour.
I personally think it looks gorgeous, what about you?

Here is agamng totally working this look.
She's added another headband which makes it look extra pretty!
Her medolls make-up is too gorgeous for words as well!
<--- agamng

Fakeshake3 is also making this look very WOW!
She's added quite a lot of hairbands and it looks lovely!
The earrings and hair piece give her medoll that extra sparkle of gorgeous-ness!
fakeshake3 --->

Have you noticed anymore special and clever medoll looks? Contact me! :)