Prepare to be Dazzled!

Love This Look!

I love how Lugga used the Hotbuys dress with other things... such a good result!


We've featured geheimer-enegel before, and no wonder!
This scenery is ah-mazing (:

Lovely Presentation (:

milenasantos93's presentation is so cute! Love it x

Very Creative :)

Wwwhhhiiitteee has an amazingly white suite! It's such a creative idea, and it looks so angelic too :)

Amazing outfit!

MySeckretLover's outfit is amazing! I love the black and chains :)

P.S.Sorry for not posting for a while, I've had a lot to deal with.

kate call me brianna...wonders!!

not only is TopMedoll's suite awesome, her prezzie is too! I know she's been featured b4. But she's clever


I must say that what ayfairy created and is wearing is wonderful! I love the creative users who make up their own design...
This is the 4th time we're featuring ayfairy, and when I realized this I thought that she's been amazing right from the very start (:
Well done again, ayfairy!

Leila-Lilo`s Hair

I love Leila-Lilo`s hair creation! Nothing to say, just awsome idea....

Looking gorgeous in flowers!

Mel, bluegreen86, made this gorgeous orange flowered outfit look effortless! I thought her creation looked very modern yet amazing!

Awesome presentation!

Poohg_1993, Mandy, did an amazing job on her presentation! It looks very detailed and the color choices are super pretty, as well! :)

Creative & Fun Presentation!

I must say that I am very much in love with cool.loser.12's presentation!
So creative and fun to read!

Black Doesn't Mean Unfashionable

In fact, it's quite the opposite the way vasia28 portrayed it! Well done!

We Seem To Be Featuring Her Over & Over Again!

Well, can't blame me, but her looks are too damn good!
Who I'm talking about?
Amazing, I must say!


xLou26 has created a beautiful purple floral dress! When I came upon this, I was amazed! As usual, xLou26 dressed her medoll gorgeously!


Everything's awesome about this outfit!

..-sindy-..'s outfit is amazing! The dress is made out of 'Teddy Tops' and the hair is made out of various things too. Not only is the outfit amazing, but her medoll is really pretty too!