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Style Swap!



It's before and after. I got bored. (:

Woo, I'm still alive

Yeah, I'm still alive.
I just came back to rant.
I recently logged on Stardoll again, and decided to spend my stardollars (is that what they're called?) dosh, as I'd been saving up rather an ammount for some time. I just loved it when I found out everything is either
a) for superstars
b) fugly
What a choice, huh? Stardoll's lost its touch. No wonder it tired me.

On a brighter note, in June '10 (this year), SD Exposed got 3,904 views! I was absolutely shocked as this blog practically died, so, yeah. I love you guys.

New stardoll makeover

What are your thoughts on the new stardoll makeover? I'd love to hear all of your opinions! (:

Hiatus: Begins Now

I will be gone for WHILE.
Expect me back in a week or so.
I'll explain later.
It's a really big opportunity for me!! Thanks so far!! :)


Evita.Sweet is wearing an amazing white/nude outfit!



Sorry guys, I'm afraid the whole Stardoll Exposed idea is cancelled.
First off, I didn't get much replies, as I'd hoped for. From over 350 followers, I only got around 40 people voting... the Awards would be a waste of time!
Furthermore, I've moved on from Stardoll... I'm kind of obsessed over Polyvore now!
So sorry =/


New layout.
I got so sick and tired of the old one I could barely look at the blog.
This is fresh and notebook-y. =D


So nice! Very simple and eye-catching!

Lika_90`s Hair

Great Job Lika_90! I like that red Hair combination!!

Exposed Awards?!

I was sorting out some old papers from half a century ago 'cause I was bored to tears, and came across EXPOSED AWARDS
I happily read the list of usernames, retrieving all the old memories of organizing the blessed awards.
So, I was just wondering... should we host them again, for old time's sake?!

Do you have TALENT?

Hey! (:

I want to feature some of our followers for sticking with us for so long! How about it?
If you have a talent in this criteria, put your username below and hope to be featured!

-a follower
-has a SD account
-presentation maker
-scenery goddess
-great outfits


Toxxic.angel has this amazing outfit!


I'm on a roll today :P
Luctara's suite is amazing! I especially this room :]

Beyond amazing designs!

Verojun makes some of the most amazing designs on Stardoll!

Creative suite!

Charlotte [ClubKaiser] has one of the most creative and amazing suites I've seen!

It's been so long!

We're sorry it's been so long since we last updated!

I'm sure the rest of the team are really busy, so I'll try to keep updating when I can :)

To Me Only?

OK, so, hi!
I haven't been on for a long time 'cause frankly, I've grown tired of Stardoll.
Anyways, when I came to check out the blog, I found that the pictures don't show!
Is this happening to me only?!

Great presentation

Patrish12 has a pretty impressive presentation :]

Faux.fuchsia scenery!

Faux.fuchsia never fails to impress with her amazing sceneries!


Wow, Hotpages--x3 (main account bubblegum985) makes the most gorgeous presentations for anyone to use (and obviously credit)!

Yeah, I know I've been gone for quite a while, but I've currently been obsessing over Polyvore and haven't been on Stardoll for AGES. It seems like everything is for superstars now, so my new love is Polyvore. But I can't forget this blog, 'cause it's been with me since 2008 now!

Amazing graphics!

Fatimuchi has made some amazing graphics, and she is constantly improving too!

ayfairy: always brilliant!!

I know we have featured her outfits a lot...but this girl is always brilliant in doing selfmade Dresses!!! OMG I love her!!!!
Well done ayfairy !!!

Just WOW !

zanilde`s selfmade dress is just amazing!! I really love it, and you?!

Amazing graphics!

I recently found out about Ruaninha's graphics and was blown away with her ability to make real life shoes and clothes! And not to mention dolls too :P


Ah, I love baybeeguurl's presentation!
It's too long for me to copy but it's so wonderful I copied 3/4 of it :)

Lovely presentation!

frenchtoast1's presentation looks awesome! She did a really good job! :)

I came across Sweetlus's blog Sweetlus Designs and was instantly blown away by her graphics. This girl has talent!

Wintery Scenery

MadWorld made this beautiful wintery scenery.
Also, thank you so much for including me in it :)