Prepare to be Dazzled!


Barb_A's house is amazing - it's totally cute and looks like a home that I'd like to live in! Great work! :]

She believes she can fly - and she really can too!

WOW! Another amazing scenery from lein5! It's a unique idea and the scenery is absolutely stunning! You can really fly, lein5! :)

FuegoGAU - Elegant and Gorgeous!

FuegoGAU's latest furniture creation is not just wonderful.... it's FANTASTIC! She looks stunning - very elegant and classy! The hair with the bow is so pretty too! Wow wow wow.....


Here is an excerpt from Luchas' presentation that I really liked. It's straight out there and very eye popping. Great job Luchas! xx


OmaF's furniture creation is very pretty and also very pink and creative! I'm loving it! :]

Also, goodbye Aly xoxo

Final Post :(

Hey Readers It's xOmgx! I Am Letting You Guys Know That This Will Be My Last & Final Post For This Blog. It Hurts Me To Say This But Right Now I Am Very Busy And Barely Have Time For The Blog Or For Stardoll! So I'm Truely Sorry About This. I Am 15 And Being At This Age I Need To Get Out More And Just Be Me So This Is My Fare-Well To Sd-Exposed.Blogspot.Com!

More names!

I'm loving these names ;)

3 names!

3 awesome names that you've gotta love! Random and that's in a good way! I'm looking out for more random and crazy usernames so tell me if you have one or see any :D

Who's That Girl? SweetCherry-Ox!

I simply LURVE SweetCherry-Ox's presentation!

Quick & Cute Presentation!

So cute!
Well done, Bree147123!

Furniture Creation Extraordinare!

Check out iamyourfat's extraordinary creation. It blows me away how stunning pillows and soda cans can look! Great Job! xx

Piggy Paradise!

Hunnigall has a ballerina pig collection that I like to describe as Piggy Paradise! She's set it out in a clever and amazing way! If you have any extra stardollars send her a piggy - she'll love you! ;D

Definetly 'gorgeous'__chloe!

I have to agree fully with her name - gorgeous__chloe looks utterly gorgeous in her blue get-up! Her medoll is gorgeous too! I'm amazed!

I Can't Stop Lovin' this Hair!



Check out CantStopLoveYou's super gorgeous hair!
It's amazing what people can do with just horse tails!
Great job! xx

Comics Anyone?

I am in love with this room in Titie_13's suite! It's bold and edgy yet modern too. I would say this comic inspired wallpaper and flooring is way better than any pre-designed background on Stardoll! What do you think?


*jaw drops all the way to the floor*
Isabella.Arci's sceneries are OUTSTANDING!


...SingStar... has made a very gorgeous and pretty furniture creation! It's perfect for a wedding too! I love it.

Taltalabodi's Suite Has Got It Going On!

Isn't Her Suite Amazing?! *Claps And Cheers!* Great Job Taltalabodi!

Jungle Magic!

What an amazing ''jungle'', if you'd like to call it that, all in a room!


Check out lsdluciana's winter themed room complete with falling snow and an ice rink! She even included a skier and wildlife...great job!

P-p-p-pokerface, p-p-pokerface!

I love Lady Gaga, and what's better than making a scenery inspired by her?! Well done, PIRATES_SOCCER! I LOVE IT!

Layered 'n' white

Check out Ewonline's latest creation! If you visit her suite and take the dress apart, you'll four full-length dresses, and five separates -- not mention gorge accessories! Great job Ewonline!

A mermaid!

What a brilliant and genius idea, ewonline! A mermaid? I love it!

glitches anyone?

While surfing around, I came across this glitch. I just had to laugh. :D For her sake, this person will be nameless, but hey--it's all for the humor. :)


I love the way gabisia9 has made this room! A fantasy room with unicorns and clouds and sparkles! The Barbie dress matches it too!

Wow wee...!

Ewonline has created something that has blown me away!
I've never seen anything like it before. Wow....

Sweet Stuff Magazine

Click here to go to the blog of the mag.

Come to the party too!

I'm Lovin' LoveSaturday!

I am in love with this room. I love the way LoveSaturday arranged the curtains to make a gorgeous wallpaper! It's so unique and original...:)


Style_Magazine has a very stylish and classy furniture outfit on. I love it! I haven't seen anything like it before...

An 80's Album!

Jinniy's album is hot! It's 80's style and I LOVE it. Go Jinniy! ;]


I adore pincess_rave's doll and style! It's something different and I love it! Her hair rocks my socks off! ;]


*jaw drops*
Pinkydolly made a lake in her suite! Wow! Her hair is awesome too! One girl, with many talents....

Busy Busy Bee!

Ok guys many of you and probably the other writer probably wonder why I haven't been posting alot, well it's testing time in school right now and on thursday I was chosen to go a scholarship testing thing so I will be gone that day and then later that night I have a band concert so I will also be gone that night. Sorry If i do not post lately I have tons of activities after school plus homework so i don't get on much! I will be posting when I can!
Love ♥xOmgx♥

Melissa And Her Concert Room!

Melissa54321 Has Created Her Own Concert Hall! Great Job Melissa54321!

Winter Wonderland!

If I would have seen this back in December I think I might have fainted. Lelielia has made this amazing winter scene...where do people get this inspiration? Two words: simply amazing!

Cute MeDoll!

Check out Hello_K1tty! So cute and creative. Just think of how long it must have taken to arrange everything and get it just perfect...awesome job!

filipinhamaria goes furniture!

I love this furniture design filipinhamaria has made - it looks beautiful! The colours are adorable, the shape of the dress is adorable and the flower looks so cute on it!


*jaw drops*

Forget those superficial and expensive backgrounds -- heck, why not make your own? Mad_Dog_Luva has used stools, potted plants, lamps, and more to make a one of a kind outdoor scene. I think it's jaw droppin' awesome!

Get Them While They're Here!

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I'm New!

Hey everyone...

I'm ***EBD*** and I'm a new writer for the Stardoll Exposed! For the 3 years that I have been on Stardoll, I've always enjoyed looking at other peoples pages just about as much as I have put together my own suite, medoll, get the idea. :) So, when I discovered the Stardoll Exposed blog it became a regular routine to check out the latest posts and be dazzled and inspired by the best designers and fashionistas of stardoll. To be a writer for the blog seemed like an untouchable dream -- well here I am! So to sum it up, it is a complete honor to be here. :)

I look forward posting here. I hope you enjoy the latest and greatest in the Stardoll world as much as I do! Before I close, here's a couple of fun facts about mwahahaha!

♥ I'm 13 years old
♥My real name is Erin
♥I live in the U.S.
♥I have long blonde hair
♥I love peanutbutter

'Til My Next Post,


Keira-V has an absoleutly stunning ice room! The pink looks really pretty behind the ice too! I love it.


Hanyu_desu looks GORGEOUS in her furniture outfit. It's so pretty!


I must say: this is an awesome room! I adore the water flowing into the pool and the steps and diving board rock too! Why buy a pool when you can be creative and make one yourself?!

I've never seen anything like this before so that's why I love it so much! A space themed room - it's genius!


WOW! What an amazing room! idolooo is someone I'm going to keep visiting from now on. Her medoll and her outfit are gorge too!