7 Dresses of Gorgeous-ness

Yesterday, a Stardoll party was held. Some of the dresses there were tremendous! They just HAD to be featured!

It's sooooo creative and very pretty! I've never quite seen anything like it before.

This girl has so much talent. I am too speechless for words... just one: WOOOOOW!

It has so much effect and looks fabulous. Very well done :]

Now that is nice! White, white and more white! I love how she has made a skirt too!

It's very cute and oh-so-pretty! White, too ;P

This is clever, yet gorgeous. Simply ah-dorable!

WOW! Go singingmermaid! I'm amazed. Run out of clothes to wear? Use furniture! ;]

Lettiecakes <3
[Credit to Goddess Mag for the photos]