I'm New!

Hey everyone...

I'm ***EBD*** and I'm a new writer for the Stardoll Exposed! For the 3 years that I have been on Stardoll, I've always enjoyed looking at other peoples pages just about as much as I have put together my own suite, medoll, album...you get the idea. :) So, when I discovered the Stardoll Exposed blog it became a regular routine to check out the latest posts and be dazzled and inspired by the best designers and fashionistas of stardoll. To be a writer for the blog seemed like an untouchable dream -- well here I am! So to sum it up, it is a complete honor to be here. :)

I look forward posting here. I hope you enjoy the latest and greatest in the Stardoll world as much as I do! Before I close, here's a couple of fun facts about mwahahaha!

♥ I'm 13 years old
♥My real name is Erin
♥I live in the U.S.
♥I have long blonde hair
♥I love peanutbutter

'Til My Next Post,