Furniture Galore!

I surfed around Stardoll, did a little bit of screenshotting and found 8 of the best furniture outfits just for you!
Sit back, relax a little, perhaps drool at the gorgeous-ness, possibly be jealous and enjoy! :)
Click picture to enlarge.
ayfairy: When I saw this outfit I immediatly thought; 'show girl'. It's so fierce and just plain wow!
MissCunha: So glamourous and chic, you've gotta love it!
bluegreen86: It loudly states: 'GO GREEN' at the same time as being genious and amazing!
amelenia: I want to eat her all up! It makes me feel hungry and looks totally stunning!
laocaloca: Gorgeous beyond words! Perfect for a gala or a prom!
bolsje: Totally pretty and exotic! Reminds me of holidays which is a very good thing!
LittleMunckin: Pretty, pretty, pretty! Nothing else I can say!
FuegoGAU: So fierce and sexy! I love it! The hair looks fantastic too!