First Post: Dei's Totally Stunningness

So, while watching an episode of Daria and drinking some very questionable juice, I receive a message from Yas saying that she needs my email so I can post here. I send it to her and, typical Stardoll, put it out in stars. After the second attempt, I receive the email and accept. I put on another episode of Daria, fill up my juice bottle with something less... Shall we say; gross. And think of what I should post first.

Posts full of just writing are boring, so I decided to post the person I've had a burning desire to write about since day 1 of meeting her. I am talking, of course, about Dei {AKA, To_Royal} and I put my Daria video on pause to take a print screen and write this {Good thing I'm a fast typer - I get carried away with writing though, so that's not so good...} and I have to say; her hair is a showstopper. Not only did she pick a dress that I really don't like and made it look red-carpet worthy, she also mixed it up in a totally original way - Fantastic!

Dei is a trendsetter - period - I'm sure her hair has been attempted by many people, but I'm sure noone can get it quite as amazing as that... Who would've thought of using layers to make hairstyles? Isabella.Arci - Eat your heart out ;))

- Hunni x x x

{Will the neighbors ever stop partying? I'm trying to sleep...}