Impressive Scenery`s

Hey dear Readers!
I`m Talia-87 and one of the new writers;)) I want to say Hello and thank everybody who voted for me!! For some facts about my person please visit me on stardoll or have a look at my blogger profile;))

I want to introduce you Ofelia17`s awsome Scenery`s! It was a hard Stardoll journey to find her....I never saw such creative scenery`s and I think she is absolutly talented and deserve it to be featured here! I picked the three let`s have a look:

How cool is that...Spongebob!!

Doll as mermaid....

"selfmade" Mermaid!!

That must be real hard work and cost a lot of time! Ofelia17, you are a great Scenery artist! What you think??!!