:) New Writer Intro Thing

Hello Sd-Exposed readers! This is iStyle. You may know me from my blog istyleportfolio.blogspot.com, which is an awesome blog, but I'm not doing any advertising.
This is my temporary banner, so if you have a banner for me, you can make one. Or someone who makes banners. I don't know. If nobody does, it's okay, I'll still live :)
Unlike "every other blog" I won't be posting about glitches or stuff like that. Why? Well b/c this blog (I actaully spelled "blob" the first time lol) is for finding talents and extraordinary stuff. So that's why. And plus, you other blog for that. Enjoy what us bloggers will bring you, because these talents deserve the attention, even if it's just on a blog.
So there is not much else I have to say, besides that I love Polyvore, and that I will post atleast once a day, if not more :) Don't worry, I'll never have you askin', "Where's iStyle?" Okay maybe you will, but I assure that'll only happen if I'm dead. Sorry, I ramble. That's it.
xoxo iStylie