New In Town

Hello,Hello.First of all,I'd love to thank Yasmine for inviting me to the blog.I am a new addition to Stardoll Exposed and I'll mainly post about make up tips,latest makeovers and lots of more things that have to do with looking good.I will also continue Style Swap with my own twist.
I am going to do my best and try to post at least once every single day.I will also need models for the make up looks so if you'd like to be one please tell me your stardoll username in the comments.
For this first post I decided to introduce a very simple tip conerning lipstick to the readers and I hope you'll enjoy experimenting with your doll's looks as much as I do.

I used my doll and awesome Alice's (hunnigall on stardoll) dolls for the girly looks..

For this look I used Yasmin's (Yazzieblue on stardoll) dazzling doll.

I hope you enjoyed my first post.I know that the looks are not many,but I decided to use three of the blog writers for my introduction.When I get style swap requests I will also post tutorials & makeovers with other stardoll users.Also,I will feature the rest of the blog writers in my next blog post to make sure no one's left out.