Two In One!

Hello readers!How have you been?As I promised in my previous post,I will try to post once a day to keep you glued.So,I decided to do a two in one post giving tips on how to make the asian skin color work and a Quick Make Up Fix.I think I've summed everything up so . . . enjoy!

Click to enlarge.The model is Aquamarina.

I think that the pictures speak for themselves.The only thing that the readers may find difficult is applying eyeliner in my opinion so I'll give a few tips!

* Don't apply eye pencil on the whole eye as you will look beaten up
* Try to push in the direction of the eye's edges to get this big eye result
* Practise!As the saying says,Practise Makes Perfect!

Quick Fix : What if Stardoll's biggest 'style icon' could not apply make up?



My tip : Never apply too much blusher or you'll end up looking like a prostitute.
Oh,and for those who are wondering what the Quick Fix section is : I choose a doll whose make up is not well applied and I try to use the same products but apply them in a better way.