Stardoll Exposed

Prepare to be Dazzled!


I never go on anymore... it's just not fun.
And it's boring.
Therefore, I'm leaving this blog. Sorry.

Erm, hi?

Oh my I haven't been on here forever.
In fact, if my browser hadn't saved the password... I wouldn't get on.
Do you guys still use Stardoll? I miss that website, all the hours I spent on it..

Style Swap!



It's before and after. I got bored. (:

Woo, I'm still alive

Yeah, I'm still alive.
I just came back to rant.
I recently logged on Stardoll again, and decided to spend my stardollars (is that what they're called?) dosh, as I'd been saving up rather an ammount for some time. I just loved it when I found out everything is either
a) for superstars
b) fugly
What a choice, huh? Stardoll's lost its touch. No wonder it tired me.

On a brighter note, in June '10 (this year), SD Exposed got 3,904 views! I was absolutely shocked as this blog practically died, so, yeah. I love you guys.

New stardoll makeover

What are your thoughts on the new stardoll makeover? I'd love to hear all of your opinions! (:

Hiatus: Begins Now

I will be gone for WHILE.
Expect me back in a week or so.
I'll explain later.
It's a really big opportunity for me!! Thanks so far!! :)


Evita.Sweet is wearing an amazing white/nude outfit!



Sorry guys, I'm afraid the whole Stardoll Exposed idea is cancelled.
First off, I didn't get much replies, as I'd hoped for. From over 350 followers, I only got around 40 people voting... the Awards would be a waste of time!
Furthermore, I've moved on from Stardoll... I'm kind of obsessed over Polyvore now!
So sorry =/


New layout.
I got so sick and tired of the old one I could barely look at the blog.
This is fresh and notebook-y. =D


So nice! Very simple and eye-catching!

Lika_90`s Hair

Great Job Lika_90! I like that red Hair combination!!

Exposed Awards?!

I was sorting out some old papers from half a century ago 'cause I was bored to tears, and came across EXPOSED AWARDS
I happily read the list of usernames, retrieving all the old memories of organizing the blessed awards.
So, I was just wondering... should we host them again, for old time's sake?!

Do you have TALENT?

Hey! (:

I want to feature some of our followers for sticking with us for so long! How about it?
If you have a talent in this criteria, put your username below and hope to be featured!

-a follower
-has a SD account
-presentation maker
-scenery goddess
-great outfits


Toxxic.angel has this amazing outfit!


I'm on a roll today :P
Luctara's suite is amazing! I especially this room :]

Beyond amazing designs!

Verojun makes some of the most amazing designs on Stardoll!

Creative suite!

Charlotte [ClubKaiser] has one of the most creative and amazing suites I've seen!